Friday, 13 April 2012

Wi-fi blues

Dear me, aren't new gadgets huge time-wasters? I was going to do my ironing this morning, and other things too, but all I've done is investigate wi-fi for my new Sony tablet! Tsk.

The stuff from BT on my new contract - the router, etc - is on its way, and the new Internet service is promised by midnight on Thursday next week. That's six days away, though, and having seen a working wi-fi tether last Monday, when a friend made her phone into a personal hotspot, I wanted to see whether I could get my own Nokia E71 phone to do the same thing.

Well, the E71 wasn't hotspot-enabled - too old - but you could get software to add this facility. I soon discovered JoikuSpot Premium. It had a high recommendation on the web, and Nokia offered it in their own online Store. So it seemed a good bet. I bought it, and installed it on the E71. And yes, my phone can now be a hotspot for any nearby devices wanting to connect to the Internet.

But not for my Sony tablet! Damn. Why not?

It turns out that many Android devices - including my Sony tablet - will not connect to 'ad hoc' wi-fi sources without surgery. It's a disablement at root level, and if I were super-confident, I could meddle with the Sony's root code and make it 'ad hoc' aware. But you just don't do this with brand-new tablets, just in case you mess up - which I could easily do.

So if I want to connect from home, I may have to wait another six days, and meanwhile I can't do much more with my tablet than play music and view some selected photos. I don't want to take the still-pristine Sony out of the house without adequate physical protection from bumps and knocks. Therefore until its new leather case arrives, visiting Brighton friends and coffee houses must wait. It's stuck at home for its own good. There are some detectable home wi-fi sources somewhere in my village, but they don't provide enough of a signal for the Sony's liking.

Anyway, provided there are no fresh wi-fi issues once my BT kit is switched on, the Sony promises much for home use. First, I need to connect to the Internet in order to set it up properly, initially through my existing Gmail account. Then the rest will follow, including downloading a carefully worked-out selection of apps. I suspect that, ongoing, a lot can be done offline. I'm hoping that (for instance) my Calendar can be used when no internet connection is possible. We'll see.

Meanwhile nearly all of my favourite music (that's 1,100 tracks) is now on the Sony. Only 100 tracks couldn't be transferred, because of some licensing problem. I hope to find a way to deal with the missing 100 without repurchasing all of them. The two built-in music players are both very good.

As for the photos, I'm setting up a collection of my very best, and 500 are already installed - that's less than 1% of my total collection of course! I'm also going to set up a separate album of shots for special showing. So, for example, I'd put photos in this separate album to show to my step-daughter when I meet her - for her eyes only. Then I'd clear the album, ready for another quite different selection to show to someone else. And so on. The larger-screened Sony does make an excellent viewer - far better than any phone.

And now for some lunch!

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  1. Patience is a virtue you know Lucy.

    Shirley Anne xxx


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