Saturday, 14 April 2012

Leather dreams

The leather case for my new Sony tablet has arrived from Proporta. I have to say, it does look nice. Here it is, with the Sony inside, resting atop my Prada handbag:

Dear me, that toe-hole in my left slipper is getting noticeable!

I didn't realise something before I ordered the case. But my subconscious mind must have picked it up - and it must surely have influenced my buying decision. The case has a brass zip that goes perfectly with the brass fittings on the Prada bag:

Isn't that a good match? The Prada would be my bag of choice if I were (as tomorrow) seeing friends for Sunday lunch. It's capacious enough to swallow the tablet with ease. The case ought to cause a sensation when I take the tablet out of the bag at the pub we're eating at. (I have been asked to bring the tablet, but nobody has seen the case yet)

And here's myself, at home, holding the tablet and demonstrating its lightness, and its actual size when all cased-up:

Tut, tut! My belly looks huge. It's not really so. That green top just isn't tailored to my waist. (Memo: avoid billowy or baggy clothing)

So the Sony is now ready to be carried out of the house. Usually I'd plan to do this in a shopping bag rather than the posh Prada. Or probably not carry it anywhere at all. It all depends on whether I use it to help organise and record my life. Because if I do, I'll need to have it close by all the time. Now would that be a sensible and exciting advance, or a daft backward step?

Such is modern life.

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  1. I don't get it to be honest Lucy. I mean each to their own but why would you wish to organise and record your life on a computer? I know I write about things that go on in my life but they are only infrequent. As for organising my life on a computer what's the point? I can remember what I need to do and some things I do on the spur of the moment. I remember all my appointments with no problem too. Anyway that's me and I know not everyone thinks as I do. It is great that your wallet has a brass zip to match the bag but do Prada bags really have brass trimming? I would have thought gold to be more appropriate! It's probably not brass though or if it is it must be coated in varnish. Brass corrodes/tarnishes easily. By the way I hadn't noticed the hole in your slipper until it was mentioned......LOL
    Have a nice lunch with your friends.

    Shirley Anne xxx


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