Thursday, 12 April 2012

Got a problem? Ask Aunt Lucy!

Or rather, please don't if you can avoid it.

Among the comments on a post last month - (Almost) perfect passing - my list of hot tips - was one from Anonymous who asked me for advice. I ventured a reply, but it struck me afterwards that (a) what I said probably wasn't any good, and (b) I really had no business giving advice.

Describing one's own real personal experiences is OK, the very stuff of ordinary blog posts. Deriving and passing on 'hot tips' (i.e. personal opinions) based on those real experiences is permissable, if it makes for a good read. But giving out any kind of general, theoretical advice that someone might seriously follow is quite another thing. I should have politely said 'no' to Anonymous. I'm simply not qualified to be an agony aunt. Nor do I want to become one.

In fact, come to think of it, it's astonishing how little I do know of life, and of how the other half lives. In my own milieu, which I take care to stay within, I flourish. I simply don't encounter the problems that many have to face. And I'm not the sort to find out what it's like to live dangerously.

So I don't know the answers at all. And therefore, no more requests for advice, please!


  1. I don't believe you know nothing about life Lucy. Every one of us has something to contribute on that subject and you might say well, why shouldn't I give advice to someone who asks? Your advice might just be what they wanted to hear. If their question is specific to themselves and you have no experience, that I can understand but you may still have an opinion.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Someone once said to me "I can give you all the advice you want, it's up to you what you make of it"

    Which was true. I think most peole who ask for advice sift through for the bits that apply to them.

    A photo of you presiding over a huge teapot would have bee an appropriate illustration for this post.


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