Monday, 5 March 2012

Sooner than I thought

I've just learned that the Gender Recognition Panel is going to look at my application on 12 March. Yikes! That's at least a month sooner than I understood would be the case.

So the stuff I sent with my application form will come under pitiless scrutiny seven days from now. Will the evidence be enough? Or will they think it flimsy and unconvincing?

I almost wish it were mandatory to appear before the Panel in London. I'd happily do it. It might be an ordeal, but at least I could speak, and be seen. But somehow they assess your worth from documents alone, except in the most difficult and special of cases.

And what am I actually doing on 12 March? I'm at the dentist, having a filling. Oh joy. Well, let's hope I not only get a skilfully refurbished tooth but also a shiney, no-quibbles Certificate!

This is turning into something very big for me. Really, really big, and I feel quite nervous. Aren't I silly?

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  1. I remember that they don't bother with interviews and really they are not necessary as long as all your documentation is in order. Before I got to receive my state pension however I had a visit at home by two ladies from the pensions department!

    Shirley Anne xxx


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