Monday, 6 February 2012

It's on its way!

My GRC application form, with all the supporting documents, has now been posted using Royal Mail's 'Special Delivery Next Day' service. The cost was £7.00. This included £500 worth of compensation if the stuff sent got lost, quite enough to cover the fees for replacing items such as my passport, driving licence and Decree Absolute.

Now I wait. This is Monday. I ought to get at least an acknowledgement by Friday, in accordance with what I was told recently when I phoned an admimistrator at Leicester, and also on Mel Harrison's experience - see Mel's Musings. Then maybe a Panel decision by the end of the month.

It all feels very much like when I applied for my new 'female' passport and driving licence in January 2010. The big logistical task of getting everything ready. The nightmare of filling in forms exactly to requirements. The catharsis of posting it all off. Then frightening thoughts, such as that I'd made some ghastly procedural mistake, and would fail. Then the unbounded joy when my hopes were fulfilled.

This time I'm more confident. I'm not totally without doubt. But, considering the quality of the 'evidence' I've presented, surely the Panel will have no difficulty?

We'll see.


  1. I am sure they won't have a problem with your application Lucy but I know what you mean aboutnot being totally without doubt. There is one more step you have to encounter yet though, nothing to do with gender you will be glad to know. It is what happens when you apply for your state pension. I had two women come visit me and I am sure they just wanted to see if I was indeed a woman! When they arrived there were very few relevant questions asked of me. that was six years ago so I am not sure if it is still the norm.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. @Shirley Anne:
    If I get my GRC, I'm going to ask for another Pension Forecast in the early summer. I reckon that if they give me a 'female' forecast straight off, then they can't be in any doubt about my status.

    But if a brace of Pension Service officers wish to see me, no problemo. The same thing if the GRC Panel want to see me. It's unlikely, but if it happened, then I'd be delighted to appear before them. After all, those three magistrates took me seriously enough last week, when I was making my Statutory Declararion!


  3. You will have no problems I'm sure. You look so feminine, I know, I've seen the photos!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. I was making my Statutory Declararion!


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