Friday, 13 January 2012

Surgery scars and other skin marks

I'm now over ten months post-op.

Originally my surgery scars and other marks were very obvious. There were in particular two long bright red north-south scars either side of each labia majora. These began to fade to purple some time ago, and now they are almost entirely gone. You can see where they were only if you have a jolly good examination.

There were also some other little scars. Some of these remain and are still plain to see. There is for instance a criss-cross of short white scars just below the vagina; and a clearly-defined east-west scar on the inner surface of each labia majora. These all look healthy, and give me no trouble at all, and presumably they too will fade with time. But meanwhile they could catch the eye, and if I ever do find myself being caressed intimately by a tender rock star lover, then the following exchange might easily take place:

TENDER ROCK STAR LOVER: 'Ere, wot's this, then? All them scars!'
SELF: 'Why, Tarquin! (or possibly, Why Jocasta!) I had to have some reconstructive surgery a while back. Didn't I mention it to you?'
TENDER LOVER: 'You bloody didn't.'
SELF: 'I'm so sorry, my sweet.'
TENDER LOVER: 'Wot surgery anyways? You 'aven't been straight wiv me, 'ave yer?'
SELF: 'Oh, just a little tweak here and there. Don't worry about it. It's nothing much. Trust me.'
TENDER LOVER: 'Nah, this bovvers me. Let's get it sorted right now! What 'ave you 'ad done?'

Sorry about my rock star lover's rather pseudo accent. Fame has gone to his/her head. But oh dear...I can see it would be highly imprudent to engage in intimacies of any sort until these little scars have become less prominent!

Then there are the holes in the surrounding skin where tubes went in. For a long time you could see the purple marks where they were. But not any more.

However, what are still highly visible are the two large patches of skin discoloration on the lower half of each labia. When I was so swollen post-op, these were like large bright red bulges. In the last ten months they have shrunk to nothing, and have faded to a dull red; but as they are fringed by those little bright white scars just mentioned, the remaining redness seems enhanced. Very difficult to laugh off, if a tender lover got curious! So another reason to avoid intimacy for the present. Although, as some natal women do have cosmetic vaginoplasties to make things look 'better' down there, I suppose I could say that I had had one too, and that this was the lingering aftermath.

I dare say that one year from now all obvious blemishes will be gone, but nevertheless it's quite surprising how long the traces of surgery need to disappear.

Mind you, there is nothing to be seen if I'm standing up normally. I would be perfectly happy to walk around in the nude in any company, confident that nobody would see my scars and skin discolorations. (Not that I would inflict my fat body on an unsuspecting and innocent public!)


  1. I thought English girls only did it with the lights off...

  2. That's a good point, Caroline. Maybe dim 'romantic' lighting is the answer! Scars and blotches by candlelight!


  3. Nice one Caroline! Methinks Lucy is beginning to realise that little miss V might require some romantic attention in the near future. It took me about twelve months post before any thoughts of romance in the dark crossed my mind. The scars almost completely disappear after a while though Lucy, just be patient.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. I was on the point of writing to ask if anyone had tried scar reduction products after their op.

    Not that I was going to be showing the scars, just vanity...

  5. I was given a tube or two of cream to help with scar reduction Caroline but I am not sure how effective they were having nothing to compare the results with. The scars did heal but would they have looked the same had I not used the cream? Well, I cannot say categorically that they would have.

    Shirley Anne xxx

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