Thursday, 5 January 2012

My debut dress...three years on!

I bought my first dress - a little black velvet number - in December 2008, just in time for an evening gathering at a private house in Brighton on 16 December 2008. This was the very first occasion that I'd stepped out in public in full female garb. I was very, very nervous at the time; but still proud of my effort. I'd bought the dress and shoes and accessories all on my own, without help or advice. I knew exactly what I wanted. But the process was nerve-racking, and I had expected to be torn to pieces in Marks & Spencer by a howling mob outraged by my presumption. Or if not there, then later by the villagers of Piddinghoe, where I was living. But in fact no wicker cage awaited me, no burning ritual took place, and I survived.

And here I am, trying to look good in some pre-gathering photos taken in 2008 - interspersed with shots taken just two evenings ago. All of them in that dress. I do apologise for the dodgy quality of these pictures, but they were all taken in subdued light. Can you spot any substantial differences in the three years that have passed?

It seems fair to say that longer hair and an obvious gain in self-confidence make a big difference! Everything else is down to the very subtle effects of feminising hormones and facial hair-removal.

It's been a very long three years, but thus far I'm reasonably satisfied with my transition into Lucy. Of course, had I started this in my twenties, rather than my fifties, the changes would have been more profound in that time. Sigh.

As for the dress, it still fits nicely despite plumping out in various ways since 2008 - maybe it fits better because of that! It shouldn't go out of fashion. A black dress like this is a classic standby for all posh occasions. It's also one of the very few items of female clothing bought in 2008 and still in my wardrobe. I don't expect I'll ever part with it: it's my debut dress, as important in its way as a wedding dress, and you don't discard those!


  1. Hi Lucy. The dress looks remarkably like one I own from years ago although mine isn't as lavish as yours is. Mine isn't a velvet one. The style is very similar though. I think I can tell the difference in your photographs from what was taken three or four years back to those taken more recently. You are so right about the feminisation process due to the hormones, you look so much more feminine now. The earlier shots, and there are only one or two as far as I can tell, look as if it is a guy in a dress but wow, what a difference those magic hormones (and the op of course) have made! You should be fighting off the admirers now, especially in that little black number!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. Actually, on reflection Lucy, I can see that four of them are older pics and four of them more recent. I think I prefer the more recent but you don't look that bad in the old ones too!

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Yes, four from December 2008 and four from January 2012. Perhaps the lighting fooled you on first examination, and I was wearing the same necklace, as well as the same dress.

    It IS encouraging, but no wonder it was hard to spot progress in feminisation from week to week! The changes were so gradual.

    Thank you for your kind words, Shirley Anne.


  4. One can't look more ladylike and sensual than the person pictured in No.6 - really.

  5. Wow, yeah I see big changes. You must be one very happy woman. :)

  6. You have blossomed. It's a lovely dress and I wish I could say the same about the clothes I bought 3 years ago.

  7. I don't wish to be unkind, but 3 years ago you looked like a tranny in a dress - now you look every inch a woman. By any standard, the transformation has been remarkable and I warmly congratulate you.



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