Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Facial progress

Murder! Pillage! It's Lucy the Redhanded, the most feared Viking raider of them all!

Or is it Squadron Leader Melford, that illustrious RAF air ace? Come on, chaps, let's have tea and a bun, then see off the hun! Wizard show!

Actually, I'm bleaching the few remaining dark hairs on my upper lip.

An important stage in my facial hair removal has been reached. My electrolysist Roz has urged me to stop shaving my upper lip, and let the hairs grow naturally, subject only to snipping with little scissors if any get too long or prominent.

She says that if not shaved, the hairs on my upper will stop growing so fast, lose their blunt ends, and become fine and soft. This will look entirely natural, because all women have fine, soft, natural hair on their upper lip. It's normally so fine that you never see it.

I need to get to that state. The bleaching ensures that all my upper lip hairs are the same blonde colour. Roz will remove the rogue ones that still grow coarsely with electrolysis. 'Trust me', she says. Right, I will.

But it is a leap of faith at this stage. I'm used to shaving daily, and feeling super-smooth all over my face. Leaving a spot where my fingertips can feel some roughness - because although now bleached, there are some wiry, bristly hairs still there - is disconcerting, and I really hope that a general softness develops fast! But I have to admit that what my fingers feel is not detectable to the eye. And Roz says that if I were attending some event where super-smoothness really mattered, then a one-off shave would be OK. Just not as a regular thing.

I hope I have the nerve to keep this up! I'd really like to feel that an important section of facial hair is now under control. Then other areas can receive Roz's full attention.


  1. To have a downy fuzz even with a few rogue coarser hairs occasionally is pure joy. It is subtly different from a close shave and you will have to wean yourself off that fix!

    Trust her...

  2. I think the truth is you had OD'd on cream cakes and are trying to pass it off as some woffle about having hair on your face. Well, we don't believe that, do we!

  3. I tend to pluck out the rogues and there are a few still lurking even after ten years of zapping and electro! Eventually the hairs grow weaker and softer. I am done with electrolysis now as the hairs I have left are mainly soft.

    Shirley Anne xxx


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