Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Brightening up my home

The days of popping into galleries and buying a painting for £300 (or more) are over for the present, but I still have some empty wall space to fill, notably in my bedroom. I also have a completely unused collection of picture frames in my attic. And a collection of photographs, taken over the years, of posters that caught my eye. And a high-quality photo printer that can print up to A3+. Put all this together, and maybe I can fill some of that wall space after all!

I've been taking photos of posters for some time. Here are two amusing ones from 1975 and 1983:

And here's one from 1994, although I spotted it only last year inside a theatre:

2010 was a good year for poster-hunting:

I also shot many other things in shop windows and elsewhere that might now make a good picture for the home. Here's a selection from 1993 to mid-2008 (all pre-transition of course):

I think I'll stick to the comical posters, and some of the shop-window shots. but you can easily see how anyone with a photo collection can create interesting pictures for the walls of their home, at minimal cost. A springtime project then!


  1. There's no end of possibilities when it comes to pictures, either those you take yourself or what others have produced. Having all those frames is going to be a boon for you. A nice little project for a rainy day.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. I think the expression which is used these days is "no brainer".

    I used to do posters more when I was in the city, miss the constant inspiration but not the bustle and noise...

    We never realise when young just how quickly the world will change around us and the style of posters reflects these changes.


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