Saturday, 24 December 2011

Oooh - beware of tight jeggings!

I'm currently a bit uncomfortable downstairs. I'm not in pain, and there's no damage to see, and dilation is fine; but it feels as if something has been punishing my external parts. They seem a bit swollen, as if reacting to some physical ill-treatment.

The only culprit I can think of is my latest pair of tight-fitting jeggings. Unlike ordinary leggings, they stretch less, and have a substantial and non-stretch central seam. I reckon they have squashed and pinched (and maybe bruised) my clitoris and the labia majora. I have of course given them a rest for a few days, and gone back to ordinary leggings. And if the problem persists, I will wear nothing but skirts and dresses for a while.

I'm not a fan of ordinary jeans, which I've never found comfortable to wear, and for a long time I was suspicious of jeggings as well. Then, a month ago, I discovered that Sainsbury's at Hove were selling them under their TU label for £12.50 a pair. They were well-made and nicely shaped, and I do have a bottom worthy of proper coverage! It seemed too good to miss. I tried a pair on in the store - size 14 was a very good fit - and bought two. I was lucky to get them. Two days later they had sold out. Those two pairs proved to be a success, though, and usefully extended my legwear options, especially if I wanted to wear boots. I quite liked wearing them, and thought I had conquered a personal prejudice.

But of course after a few wearings they began to stretch a little too much for a perfectly skinny look. My hair stylist M--- wondered whether I should have bought a size 12 instead, in order to preserve that creaseless 'painted on' appearance for longer. I thought about it. And then a few days later, I saw that Sainsbury's had some more jeggings in, so I tried on a size 12. But it was no good - they were too skinny to get on! But I bought two more size 14s, and after trying them on quickly at home, popped them in the washing machine to shrink them a bit. Two days ago I wore a pair of them all day.

They certainly looked fine, but definitely felt on the snug side. I now think they were rather too snug! I think this latest batch of size 14s is closer-fitting than the previous batch. Hmmm - I should have expected inconsistency between batches. Anyway, my bits have suffered, and I'll just have to wait for the damage to fade.

Let this be a warning then. Tight clothing can look great, but beware!


  1. Just the sort of thing we should have worked out decades ago...

    I bought some in the market in France but have only had a few trips out in them so far, bit chilly up here just now.

    Watch out, too tight can lead to urinary troubles and they sting I am told!

  2. I think the wearing of tights/leggings/jeggings is unhealthy. I think plenty of ventilation is required downstairs, that could be the reason why I always wear stockings and a belt during the cooler months but no it isn't the reason at all. I like wearing those things because I feel feminine and sexy in them, the ventilation is a bonus but a necessary one. I think you are right in discovering the cause of your discomfort. Perhaps they should sell them with open crutches as they do with some tights. That would solve the problem don't you think?

    Shirley Anne xxx


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