Friday, 4 November 2011

My Transsexual Summer

Hmmmm. I see in next week's Radio Times that on Tuesday 8 November a new four-part mini-series begins on Channel 4 at 10:00pm, entitled 'My Transsexual Summer'. The programme summary says 'Seven transsexual men and women gather at a series of weekend retreats where they share support and explore what it is like to change gender in Britain in 2011'. The retreat in Part One is a country house. Apparently the programme has been 'sensitively made' but there are some 'eye-opening moments'.

Next Tuesday evening this programme will be chiefly up against the BBC News (BBC1), Later live...with Jools Holland (BBC2), ITV News at Ten (ITV1), Big Brother (Channel 5), and EastEnders (BBC3), and so I'd say it has a strong chance of being watched by a lot of people tired of the same old stuff and seeking fresh meat. I just hope My Transsexual Summer isn't perceived simply as weird, alternative late-evening entertainment, a freako take on The Only Way Is Essex. For some reason that I've never been able to fathom, Essex is seen as a county full of flash, oversexed, cultureless posers who think they live in the World's Best Place. What nonsense. But Only Way perpetuates the Essex myth admirably. Maybe Transsexual Summer will perpetuate the tranny myth admirably too.

I will watch it, and make up my own mind. But not next Tuesday, because I am now pitched at the Caravan Club site at Cheddar in Somerset, and there is no TV in the caravan!


  1. Yes Lucy, I agree. I did post a one-liner a few days ago pointing to the program and I hope it will be worth watching too. Incidently you should be able to watch it on iPlayer 4, that is 4OD. if you miss the first episode.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. I thought you had a fancy mobile TV receptor for your travels.

    We have been away from the TV for nearly three months this year and loved being without it but may give MTS a shot. Have to know what the fuss is about when the gutter media throw a tantrum.

    Happy holiday.

  3. I did buy a small digital TV, Freeview box and satellite dish last year, but couldn't get it to work in Cornwall and it's presently mothballed. I now regard it as a complete waste of money.

    It was a fiddle to set up, and when I did get a signal - uselessly, at home - I found that although there were plenty of channels one or two of my favourites were missing, such as BBC4. I went back to the radio.

    To be honest, if I've been shooting with the camera all day, much of the evening can be taken up with photo-processing on the laptop. I really don't need another screen.



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