Thursday, 6 October 2011

Post-op test results for Oestragen and Testosterone; and those boots

I had a battery of tests carried out last week, and they've now come through. Some, like my thyroid and glucose levels, aren't too good, and I've made a follow-up appointment with my doctor to discuss them. But the ones I was avid to know seem just right. Here they are. Remember that I'm just over seven months post-op at this point, and my dosage, using patches, is 100mcg of Oestradiol twice a week:

Oestragen: 461 pmol/L (the normal female range per the NHS is 46.0 to 607.0)
Testosterone: 0.9 nmol/L (the normal female range per the NHS is 0.101 to 1.42)

I'm sure Dr Curtis will be pleased. I shall now book an appointment with him, and also get him to write the letter I need from him in support of my GRC application.

And another little announcement that gives me joy. I've ordered those Dubarry boots after all. That's the knee-length tan 'Galway' version with the brown upper and  brown horizontal bands, the absolutely classic Dubarry boot. I went in the end to Aston Bourne in Brighton and spent forty minutes with Jane, who handles the boot purchases. The main issue was the size. I'm a general size 8, but in the more precise continental fittings I've been looking in the past at either size 41 or 42. I've found from experience that a 41 is just too small. 42 is often correct - it depends on the make. But 42 wasn't quite right for Dubarry. In the end we refined it to a size 42.5, which gave me the roominess I like, essential if its so cold that I'm going to wear socks rather than tights.

I duly placed the order. They could take up to two weeks to arrive. Then I'll  go all county.


  1. I have always had this thing about footwear. All my working life I bought very expensive shoes but always half a size too small because I wanted my feet to look dainty,featherweight(I wear 8). This resulted in many corn-removal apointments and twice I had to walk through Toronto train station on stocking feet because my feet had swollen and shoes hurt to much. Now I purchase proper size shoes but dislike buying boots. Imagine proper size plus thick socks allowance!
    Will guess colour until photo appears.

  2. I knew that you'd succumb...

  3. Are you sure about normal testosterone range. Provincial standards say normal range in females are 0.198 - 2.67 nmol/L.

    Great results for you. And where is a pic of the boots.

  4. @Kathryn:
    I was quoting the normal female range on the printout from the surgery. If the slightly extended range you quoted is more appropriate, then I'm even better pleased! It means no problem with my adrenal gland. For now, anyway!


  5. Is it true that if women has high testosterone level, it's possible that there are some bad effects such as blindness,etc? How it can be avoided?

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