Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Light lunches, but I'm still way too cuddly!

Sigh. I really try to keep my weight under control. I'm not obsessed with it, but I religiously leap on my sophisticated electronic scales every Wednesday morning and learn the latest (not too good) news about my weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI and basal metabolic rate. It never seems to get radically better. Then I get the tape measure out and see what bits have expanded or shrunk. Bust, waist, hips. There is a glacial but definite change here: millimetre by millimetre my bust and hips seem to be getting a bit larger, but what has happened to my waist? Let's not enquire too closely. If it matters that much to me, I know exactly what to do. I put together a very effective calorie-counting regime last January when pre-op and under surgeon's orders to lose 10kg - and I can do it again.

Breakfast for me is usually two Weetabix with milk, dried apricots and two cups of tea. Lunches can be as slender as two Ryvita crackers, some olives, a small hunk of cheese, an apple and another cup of tea.  Sometimes, if I'll be active in the afternoon or will be eating late in the evening, I have a bit more. Look, here are a couple of recent 'big' lunches:

Ah, that was the last of the North Devon free-range eggs. They were flavoursome, and no mistake!

And this was simply tinned mackerel with the usual ration of olives, plus the usual apple.

My evening meals are something I look forward to, and I like them tasty and cooked. At home I'll enjoy almost anything in the meat and fish line, always with plenty of vegetables, but cooked without rich sauces, and I try to keep the portions smaller nowadays.  And no booze and no dessert, just another apple with a coffee to follow. It's not usual for me to cook a shop-bought pizza or curry or thai or chinese, but I'll eat these things maybe once or twice a fortnight, just to add some extra variety. I'm no saint. But then I'm no greedy hog either.

My trouble is that I really don't burn my calories off. I'm not active enough. But that can be changed in an instant.

And am I fretful and tearful about eating out in restaurants or at friends' houses? Here's two shots of me from last weekend. Judge for yourself!

The dress was from Monsoon.

It'll soon be time for my midday gruel. Can't wait.

Actually it's a slice or two of ox tongue, with sun-dried tomatoes and an apple. I'm out this afternoon, and don't want to faint from lack of nourishment.


  1. Rich sauces! Yammy.....I have gained 20 pounds since I stopped smoking last March. I'm told that it does not show. Proud for not being interested in trading pounds for a cigarette.
    You too cuddly - NO.

  2. Lucy,

    That photo of the fish on your plate looks like it could be a contender for some kind of Angling record!!!!.

  3. You should try living just yards from a great restaurant for two weeks while on holiday....

    So it will be Ryvita for lunch when we meet?

  4. It is the same okd story isn't it Lucy but as has been said you are not grossly overweight at all. You answered your own question on how to lose weight and of course that is through exercise. Minimising your calorie intake only works to a point, in fact your body may be storing fat because you are eating light! It appears that you have a healthy diet which is good but you shouldn't be 'starving' yourself in order to lose weight, it doesn't always work that way. 'Fraid you're going to have to exercise more darling, if you are serious about getting slimmer or if you even need to.

    Shirley Anne xxx


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