Thursday, 20 October 2011

Glandular overflow

I had an experience last night which I'd like to discuss.

It happened just after four in the morning. I was dreaming. In this very realistic dream I was in bed with a natal blonde woman of my age who I didn't know in real life, but in the dream was clearly someone I knew well. We had drifted into a playful, cosy and comfortable lovemaking position in the bed - my front to her back, and I was getting a very moist (if not actually gushing) response from stroking her genital area with my fingers. And then I began to feel wet as well. At that point I woke up breathing very heavily and with a taught lower abdomen, as if all my muscles down there were clenched. I had to allow a little time for the breathing to ease and the muscles to relax. On the panties that I wore in bed was a round wet patch of clear fluid.  It had no smell that I could detect, but then my sense of smell isn't especially acute.

I doffed the panties, and went to the bathroom to clean up in the shower. But before I did, I felt inside the vaginal cleft and discovered that it was well lubricated with a colourless but sticky fluid of some kind. I couldn't tell what the source might be, but it wasn't at all like urine; it was more like KY gel, but runnier.

Back to bed, in fresh panties. The only other effects to note were a sensitive back - it felt a bit itchy - and a feeling of hunger that almost drove me into the kitchen, but it passed. I pondered what might have brought the dream on, where the fluid could have come from if it wasn't pee, and whether I'd just had my first truly orgasmic sensation. Then I drifted off to sleep again, none the wiser.

So what actually happened?

In the morning the round wet patch on those panties had dried to a round, stiff but still colourless patch. There was still no smell. Not urine, then.

Given that I'd undoubtedly simulated a sexual experience in my mind, I considered the possible sources of the clear fluid, and how it had been delivered. Obviously it couldn't possibly be sperm-laden semen ejaculated in the male manner. And I hadn't been aware of any muscular contractions to pump the stuff along my urethra - although this impression wasn't conclusive, because I'd been asleep at the critical moment! But it might be sperm-free seminal fluid leaking from the prostate (it's still there of course), fed by the seminal vesicles (also still there) - see Wikipedia at, and That said, the fluid was colourless, not milky. So maybe it originated from the bulbourethral gland (Cowper's gland), which also secretes into the urethra - see Obviously I can speculate no further without advice from a specialist, but my best guess is that the source of the mysterious fluid was one of these organs.

I can't say that I'm entirely happy about the prostate being involved in any orgasm I might achieve from now on. I thought that, post-op, it would go into a peaceful retirement and stay there!

And although it may be a kind of bonus to know that a lubricatory fluid can gush when sexually stimulated, this isn't the mucus that natal females secrete inside the vagina - it's more akin to the fluid they produce from an active Skene's gland (aka the female prostate: and/or from Bartholin's gland ( Oh well, better than nothing!

And what does all this say about my capacity for a proper sex life? I'd say I was making progress.


  1. Seminal fluid is exactly what it was. Within 6 months of taking estrogen, I stopped producing milky semen and stopped ejaculating. Now I just produce this clear stuff that has no smell and certainly not the horrible stink of semen.

  2. Sorry, Anonymous. It would have been stimulating to dwell more on the raw sexiness of this amazingly real dream, but this is a blog devoted to scientific enquiry, and a rational analysis of the experience was necessary. Plus I don't want to get banned by T-Central, or get rapped over the knuckles by Google!

    It's a pity. But once on the slippery slope of sex I'd be coming out with ridiculous posts with titles like 'I dropped my knickers for Jabba the Hutt' and similar. Which could damage the impeccable reputation of this blog, and in the long run destroy its credibility. We wouldn't want that, would we?


  3. Whatever it was, it's nice that your dream started something moving - as it were.

  4. @Anji: Absolutely. And you can't contrive anything with a dream: it must express precisely what's on your mind at that moment.

    How lucky I was, when you think of it, to find out what my body would do through dreaming, rather than by setting up some reality episode with another person. As it turned out, we'd have been nicely surprised with the results; but it could easily have ended in frustration or worse.


  5. It's from your Cowper's gland Lucy. It's very common.


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