Wednesday, 28 September 2011

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

The title of course of a song from way back, the sort that seemed to be played a lot when I was a child listening to the music request show on radio on Saturday mornings in the early 1960s. A different world. Not just a child's world, but a whole different social culture. Tommy Steele singing about the Little White Bull. Someone else singing Three Wheels on my Wagon. Happy days? Hmmm...that's so very hard to answer! Let's not dwell on it.

Today's post is all about my two front teeth!

For my generation, which typically guzzled sweets when young, I think I've done rather well to keep my natural teeth. Most of the molars have been filled, and some crowned, but they are all still there. White, unstained, not crooked, not broken, nor even much chipped.

But one of the front teeth had got rather thin, and had lost a corner. It could only get worse, and not only was a really noticeable gap beginning to develop between it and the other big front tooth, it might soon suffer a much more serious break when (say) biting into an apple (which I do a lot). So I've now taken up my dentist's suggestion of remedial cosmetic work.

She has strengthened the tooth with layer upon layer of some carefully colour-matched resin or whatever, then smoothed it off and polished it up. The missing corner has been magically restored. She kept to the general look of my teeth, which is ever so slightly uneven, so that the work isn't glaringly obvious. And now I can give the world a really lovely smile as I speak. It's not the dentition of a film star, but I'm pleased with it. The cost was £65, and I'd certainly consider further work at that price if it becomes necessary.

Here's some shots. Can you decide which tooth it was?


  1. I could do with some work like that on mine. You can't tell which tooth!
    You look really pretty in those pictures.

    Wasn't it Junior Choice and do you remember Sparkey's Magic Piano?

  2. Hang on to that dentist! Works well and reasonable too.


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