Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Farewell to the Cottage

Today the Cottage is out of my hands.

I have taken meter readings, handed in my keys, and expect to see the net proceeds in my bank account in the next few hours. I'm not retrieving much cash out of this, but that's not a worry. Let's move on, and make the most of what's left.

Yesterday I visited the Cottage for the last time. I'd already taken my 'final shots', but of course couldn't resist taking a few more. I can't show you much, because I don't want to compromise the home security of the new owners, whom I've now met. But here's some shots of the main rooms, to give an idea of what a spacious place it was inside:

Top two shots are of the lounge, the biggest room. As you can see, I left some flowers to greet the new owners. Next shot down is the kitchen. Then two shots of the main bedroom, the one in the front that looks over the meadows to the river and has the South Downs view. It also now looks over to the new incinerator at Newhaven. I think you can see from the expression on my face that I was feeling mixed emotions about leaving the Cottage. The bottom shot is a bit of the bathroom.

And here are four shots to suggest what the village itself is like:

It's very much a riverside village, with lovely walks along the banks, and great photographic potential! There is an annual Garden Weekend in the summer, and a dozen or more householders open their gardens up to the general public. Mine wasn't one of them; but maybe in future years the new owners will make the Cottage one of the nicest on display: it has all the right potential.

What a pity the 'village property investment project' went sour. But the Cottage itself is innocent. I can only wish it a happy future.

I made a walk-through movie, with a voice-over. I have a lot of visual souvenirs now, and will never forget the Cottage.


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