Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dilating while on holiday

My week away in the Wiltshire countryside is going well. I'll write it all up - including about the opera, and the posh meal on my birthday evening - when I get home, with photos included. But for now, some reflections on the problems of going on holiday when you have to dilate twice a day.

I can tell you, it makes life complicated!

First, the positive bits. I'm in my touring caravan, and I'm on my own, so I have a big advantage over staying at a hotel or guest house: absolute control over my privacy, and total freedom from interruptions. I simply lock the side door, pull down all the blinds, and take as long as I need, morning and evening. Nobody is going to knock on the door, or burst in, and I don't have to work around someone else's schedule. And the sunshine and fresh air can still flood in through the skylight while I give Big Jim his half hour. The on-board bathroom is only a step away, and I can make a cup of tea, or even have a snack, while I go steadily through the process.

But I haven't got copious supplies of hot and cold running water, nor the oh-so-nice shower that I have at home. The caravan does of course possess a shower, and there is a water heater, and basins with hot and cold taps, but setting all that up for only one person is just too much of a faff. I manage well enough with small containers to pour cold water out of (I can carry them easily), an electric kettle, a jug, and a bowl. But you can imagine the rigmarole involved in a genital pre-wash, the actual dilation, cleaning the dilator, douching, cleaning the douche, and finally a post-douche genital clean-up. And yet for strict hygiene reasons I'm not going to skip proper washing of myself or my equipment!

Honestly, I don't see how it would be possible to share the caravan, with dilation being such an absolute priority. I need time, space, solitude, and the freedom to do it when it suits me. All that is incompatable with having company, at least in a little two-berth caravan.

I suppose that in a hotel the cleaning-up arrangements would be slicker, but privacy might be compromised. And how one could dilate in a small tent beats me: no space, and maybe no hot water. (No doubt someone will say how it's done!)

I'll be glad when I can get away with dilating just once a day, or once a week. Each session consumes about an hour all told, and just now it makes a big impact on the day.

But, as ever, I'm easily consoled. Because there's only one reason why I need to dilate. And the thought of why, and what it means, always cheers me up!

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