Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Big eyes

One of the most pleasing effects of hormones is the subtle alteration they make to your face. It's never anything radical - you need to change the bone structure for that - but undoubtedly fat moves around, and the entire tone of the skin alters. The coarsening effects of age are halted and slightly reversed. And I'm convinced that the lips and nose and ears gradually acquire a certain delicacy that wasn't there before.

I think the whole weight of my face has shifted, so that instead of the lower half dominating, it's now more evenly balanced between the upper and lower halves - assisted by my cheeks being fuller, plus the hint of 'cheekbones' that certainly weren't noticeable in the past.

I've deliberately been plucking my eyebrows to raise them higher above my eyes, reduce their thickness, and make them gracefully arched - not yet with conspicuous success, but eventually it will look right. But I don't think that reshaping my eyebrows is responsible for my wider, more open eyes.

My eyes just never used to look like that. They were slitty. And it's not as if they have simply been 'rejuvenated'. The tired skin around my eyes is sagging worse than ever, and has lost nearly all its elasticity. I have an old person's eyes close up, the eyes of a hag. But from arm's length or beyond they look younger, and oval, and there are times when (on photographic evidence) I look positively pop-eyed.

I suppose that in former times I was on my guard, ready to defend myself. And in such a frame of mind the eyes would refect the state of tension within, and be narrow and watchful. Nowadays I am much more relaxed, and so maybe the eyes have relaxed too, and have widened out.



  1. One can only hope and Pray. Hope all continues in this vein.

    I will add you to my prayer list. It is what I do best.

    Many Blessings, Prayers, and Hugs,


  2. You look fine, a lived in distinguished graceful face.

    I way those things kindly.

    Jessica, who is just numbing down from 'tox and fillers

  3. One thing that's great for eyebrow shaping is threading. Go to a South Asian salon. I don't know if you have many of those around, at least outside the cities. Much better than tweezing! (My hair stylist says you tweeze eyebrows, you pluck a chicken. :) )


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