Monday, 9 May 2011

Which name on the Birth Certificate?

Tomorrow I attend my ten weeks' post-op session at the Nuffield Hospital. There'll be a post on that!

One of the other things dealt with is the letter they provide explaining what surgery I had, with the Gender Recognition Certificate in mind. I will be applying for my GRC in November.

I've been looking up more details about the GRC procedure. One interesting thing I've discovered is that if my application is successful then the Registrar General is informed, and I will then hear from that office about just how I want my Birth Certificate to be amended.

I didn't know there were any options. Well, there are. One that caught my eye is that instead of 'Lucy Melford' going into the box where my birth name is put, it can be 'Lucy D---' which makes use of the family surname, and of course then matches my surname up with my parents on the same document. So I could specify that. It seems on the face of it rather a good idea.

On the other hand, I'd then have the awkward problem of linking the 'Lucy D---' on my Birth Certificate with the present 'Lucy Melford' on my passport and driving licence. How would I convincingly explain the change of surname? Not from marriage. Nor am I well-known for adopting 'Lucy Melford' as a stage name or nom-de-plume. The Deed Poll is no help here, as it shows yet another former name, 'J--- D---'. No, I suppose I'll have to have a Birth Certificate that rather strangely shows a baby girl bearing a surname that's quite different from her parents'. Drat.

It's a pig's ear, any way you look at it.

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  1. Planning a name change is a tricky business. For reasons that seemed solidly good at the time, and for many purposes remain so, I decided to retain my old initials. In part this is because my business uses them in its trading name. The consequence is that Melanie is my middle name and for day to day purposes the first name of Peta is ignored. My own GRC application will probably be adjacent to Lucy's in the panel's in-tray. My family name has never changed, but I will again be confirming my first initial as P which creates ocassional oddities when full names have to be declared. I urge all transitionees to think far ahead when first publicly declaring a name change. It can be changed as often as you like, but the hassle involved is a strong disincentive.


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