Tuesday, 1 March 2011

White Rabbits!

White Rabbits! There, I remembered. And now I should be lucky all month long. I need to be.

1 March. St David's Day. A great day for every Welsh person. And I'm Welsh. I really need to go into the operating theatre now with a garland of daffodils, all bright and yellow, around my neck, and a thumping great leek, the biggest in all Wales, pinned to my gown, and 'Men of Harlech' being sung in a rousing, surging, inspiriting chorus by the combined Treorchy, Tonypandy, Bargoed and Blaina Male Voice Choirs, with Mr Thomas himself singing lead tenor.

Well. Here we are. The big day. It's 4:45am, and I'm awake, and I could murder a nice cup of tea. A bacon roll would be nice too. But no chance of that. Sigh.

I wonder how I will feel twelve hours from now? What is it really like on Mars?

This was my 400th post, by the way!


  1. Hopefully 12 hours from now you will have a nice load of some sweet narcotic in your system. :) Break a leg!

  2. Rock on! Best wishes from across the pond for a speedy recovery!



  3. I have heard the view of Mars from Venus is better than actually visiting Mars in the first place.

    Good Luck


  4. I wonder if you've gone yet, or just hanging around. I'll be thinking of you all day. Hugs.XXXX

  5. I bet my breakfast was bigger than yours! Thinking of you today and wishing you all the best.

    Angie x

  6. Best wishes! Hope you get all you've dreamed of and recover fast as fast!

  7. By now, your probably all done. I hope all has gone well. Happy New Birthday!

    By the way, my great grandmother came here from Tonypandy!

    Melissa XX

  8. Dear Lucy
    May your visit to the smile factory bring everything you wish for.
    I hope you enjoy your room with a very special view.
    Get well soon, painfree & peacefully.
    Bless you
    Debbie K xx


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