Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Where has the weight gone?

It was my Wednesday morning weigh-in today, and would you credit it, my weight had dropped 2.8 pounds in the last six days to 81.4 kg, which is 179.5 pounds or 12 stone 11 pounds!

And yet, without going mad, I've been feeding myself up with lots of good things. And I don't exactly move around much, or at a great pace - it's too uncomfortable. Mighty strange!

I admit to keeping to the principles of my calorie-controlled diet, although I've stopped weighing everything and working out the calorie value. I indulge myself in apples, dates and dried fruit as well as buttered toast. But it's still odd. Though not unwelcome of course.

The tape measure reveals that I'm still not very meaty in the chest and hip departments, but my waist has got more pronounced - I'm more hourglass-shaped than before!

Watch out for next week's results!


  1. Is it possible that healing burns up a lot of calories?

    Melissa XX

  2. Not to put a damper on things, heh heh, but make sure you're staying hydrated.

    Maybe Melissa is onto something though. Healing is hard work!

  3. Oh yes, I drink a lot. In fact my body water figure has never been higher.

    I did wonder about loss of bone mass. I'll research that on the Internet.

    But it may indeed be the case that rapid healing consumes a surprising amount of energy, and that putting good nutritious food in doesn't necessarily lead to a net weight gain!



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