Thursday, 3 March 2011


It's a bit uncomfortable now. That's the discomfort of having to be in one position all the time - on your back, legs apart, with this tightly bandaged bit that's holding in place a mass of wadding and whatever has been used to pack the new vagina. I'd give a lot to be able to stroll about, but of course staying immobile is essential, and besides there's the three tubes for the catheter and for wound drainage that tie you into position. Sigh. Two more days of this, then they get me up on Saturday, just for a while in the morning and afternoon. On Sunday I get unpacked and taught how to douche and dilate. It seems a long way off.

At least there's no pain.

The significance of this post is that it's the middle of the night, and I just can't sleep. Too much dozing and catnapping during the day I suppose! Having just said that, I had to shut my eyes for a few seconds. So maybe I'll drop off after all. Better publish this and see what happens.


  1. HI LUCY!!!

    Welcome back. Welcome to your new life. Congratulations on a MAJOR Milestone.

    The good news is that by the time you read this comment, you will most likely be almost 1/2 way to your next minor milestone. Getting up and walking around.

    You can now look forward to many of these minor milestones, these "baby steps".

    I am happy that you have reached out to us and are allowing us to accompany you, (virtually, at least), along your way.

    Be well and drink lots of water to help flush your body.

    Love and happiness,


  2. I don't doubt that you are experiencing discomfort. Having to lie n one position, virtually immobile for several days has to be uncomfortable! I hope you have plenty of distractions to take your mind off of it. Time will pass quickly enough though, and before you know it, you will be paying visits to other patients. It's good to hear from you again, Lucy, and especially good to hear you are feeling no pain. I, and I'm sure many others, are looking forward to reading your progress reports.

    Take care,
    Melissa XX

  3. I'm a little fuzzy on the exact chronology, but I'm pretty sure they got me out of bed by the end of the first day, just to stand with assistance. I know they made us walk around the nurses' station, wheeling our bottles and bags, by the next day. No lying about for us!

    Hope that part goes quickly for you and that you can get more comfortable soon.

  4. Hi Lucy! Welcome to the other side, as it were. Drink lots, if I might offer a tadge of advice.


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