Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Three weeks post-op, and first time out of the house

Yesterday was pretty special. I felt up to putting on proper clothes, makeup, and getting out of the house for the first time since coming home after my hospital stay. It was a glorious morning - strong sunshine, blue sky, mild, and I felt ready. So I got dressed, and considered my invalid appearance:

Not too bad. So I put on a coat, and put Verity over my shoulder:

Could be worse. I'll do. I picked up the spotted Cath Kidston shopping bag and, with a slender chestnut walking stick to lean on, I walked slowly and very carefully towards the village. When I reached the park, I couldn't help recording the moment:

Not the best shot of me, all nose and chin, and the sun has made me screw up my eyes, but I think you can sense the intense feeling of satisfaction and wellbeing! I'm a housebound invalid no longer! I'm in the fresh air, and standing up straight!

I badly wanted to draw some cash, pay in a cheque, and pick up just a little light shopping, and I did all of that. I admit that by the time I began my homeward journey I'd had enough. I was tired, and it seemed a very long way. It wasn't, but distance is relative to your energy resources, and I was just about used up. But I made it, and once home could relax.

I did the same thing today, partly in the company of my next door neighbour J--- and her two dogs. And, unless the weather is foul, I'll try to get out for a walk every day from now on. I'll just about run out of easy local walks when Fiona becomes rideable, and then I can extend my range to the South Downs and beaches!


  1. You look very nice Lucy. I'm sure your stamina will return quickly, if you keep up your daily walks, and what a perfect time of year to get out and about. Spring!

    Melissa XX

  2. Congratulations on walzing off dressed in such good taste. You look great when out of housecoat.

  3. Getting out for a walk is excellent therapy in so many ways! Just have to be sure not to overdo it, which I think you realize. Also don't carry too much for a while. You can test your limits, but don't be surprised if they're still a bit closer than you wish. This healing takes time.

    You look great!

  4. You look great. Walking is the best gentle exercise - especailly in the sunshine. Did your organiser organise sunshine for you too?


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