Thursday, 3 March 2011

Nothing a nice cuppa can't fix

I've had my tea and toast. Boy, did I enjoy it. Simple pleasures are best, you know!

But I still haven't stopped bleeding. It's the area by the urethra. Mr Thomas has sutured-in some absorbant and clotting-encouraging gauze. Carla my special nurse confirmed that I was sufficiently brave. Nothing of course compared to being in labour for 42 hours or whatever! But I do feel this whole surgical process ought to make anyone undergoing it worthy of some respect. I am certainly regarding those who have been down this road before me with unmitigated awe.

I feel I will have a better night, if only because my stay here is advancing and its climax getting closer. I've had cards, flowers, gifts, visitors, phone calls, emails, texts and blog comments, all wonderful to have. And such caring staff to look after me. I'm so lucky.


  1. Please add yourself to the list of folks who deserve unmitigated awe :D

    Thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you recover as quickly as possible.


  2. Do I have respect for what your going through? Tons of it my dear!

    So happy to hear you enjoyed your tea and toast. Hopefully something a bit more substantial will be coming soon.

    It's no wonder you have had cards, flowers, gifts, visitors, pone calls, texts, and blog comments. You are loved by so many, Lucy!

    Melissa XX

  3. Yes, I think I'd rather give birth....

    You're doing fine Lucy. it sounds as if with all the attention you're getting the time shouldn't drag too much.

    Wish I could visit



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