Friday, 18 March 2011

Hospital pictures 2

The surgery has been performed. I've woken up in the recovery room, feeling ultra serene and perfectly OK, and have just been wheeled back to my room. I'm still wearing the oxygen mask, and immediately checks are made of my pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature:

I'm warm and comfortable and sleepy. I'm going to chill. But first, once the nurses have gone, a shot to show that I can smile. What a dedicated shooter. Hey, I'm alive. I feel good.

Next day I looked and felt even better:

By the third day, I will confess that being stuck on my back was a pleasure that was wearing thin. No backache, but continuing bleeding problems meant that I wasn't allowed to put a pillow between my legs and lie on my side, which I'd love to have done. And my entire groin area was swollen, and the suture lines were uncomfortably tight. But I could see the TV, and although it was impossible to use a laptop - very glad I left it home - it wasn't difficult to read:

Eating and drinking is hard when you can't sit up, and for the first days the diet was low-residue and decidedly plain. Then suddenly I was allowed toast! And then, next day, something much more interesting:

Then, on the Saturday - having had the op on the Tuesday - I could at last get out of bed and sit in a chair. Well, kind of slouch and recline, because I couldn't sit up straight - the swollen bits wouldn't let me. The nurses gave me oxygen in case I felt dizzy. I think it was a wise precaution. But this was definite progress! Wheeee.

I'd been getting cards and flowers and some visitors. Here's the accumulated evidence:

And now it's Sunday, a Big Day. The day I'm 'unpacked' - all the tape that's been stuffed into my new vagina since creation comes out, and dilation must begin. And douching. I won't show the gory shots. The unpacking went quickly and well, and I learned how to dilate and douche without problems. I felt I deserved to savour my late-morning tea and biscuits - with butter! I'd forgotten how good butter can taste on biscuits.

And to cap even that, I was able to tuck into a very nice Sunday Roast, with chicken, stuffing, roast poatoes, carrots, parsnips and gravy. Gravy! The only thing missing was any green stuff - broccoli, beans, asparagus, but I was going home in two days' time, and I promised myself that I would rectify that omission tout de suite. Meanwhile, this was Heaven.

And it was a fine, sunny afternoon with a great sunset. another good omen. This was the view across the downs and out to sea from my room:

The next post will cover my last full day at the Nuffield, and my homecoming...


  1. Lucy, this is sounding more like a holiday than many of the holiday stories people have been telling us over the past year. You certainly look happy enough.

    Shame NHS has not discovered appetising healthy food, then again you might have just wanted to stay longer.

    Caroline xx

  2. It all encourages me to look forward even more to my "seaside holiday" next month!

  3. You looked great all the way through.
    Nuffield sounds and looks like a really special hospital.


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