Friday, 4 March 2011


It's Friday. I'm halfway through it all. The food is going to be a little more solid and tasty today, I've had an extra special bed wash, and it's sunny again: come on, what more could I reasonably want?

I think I'll give Max Beerbohm a read up to lunchtime (lunch will be plaice and mashed potato, followed by summer fruit pannacotta. Then a film on Channel 4: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Tonight on TV it'll be BBC2: Britain from Above - The Industrial Landscape, and Hidden Treasures of African Art.

Tomorrow I can get up! Well, two stagger-to-the-chair-and-sit-in-it-for-half-an-hour sessions. I'll make the most of them.

Medically the seepage is under control, but a definite haematoma (a collection of blood in a pocket) has developed. It'll be drained if it doesn't naturally disperse.


  1. oooh it all sounds terribly painful/uncomfortable (delete as appropriate) but glad all is amoving along well. More good wishes for your recovery (oh and labour? it's not so painful, the stiches hurt though! so I feel some of your pain!!!)

  2. It is great to hear your spirits are in good shape. Ah the BBC.. real tele. :)


  3. I've checked a couple of times earlier today as I await your next installment. Sorry to hear you might need extra draining but wishing you all good luck.
    Mel. xx

  4. I found your site from Melissa of the Piedmont, and have read some of your postings.

    I hope you have an easy and quick recover and discover the rest of your life.

    The Trans Auntee of South Geogia, Sarah

  5. Sorry to hear that you may need to have the haematoma drained.

    But pleased to read that you are in good spirits!

    Enjoy your plaice, and your stagger to the chair tomorrow!


  6. Lucy, I am sorry that real life is not going quite as smoothly as you might have hoped but this taste of reality is good to show what the experience is really like.

    You will be back to your Michelin starred lunches before you know it.

    Caroline xxx

  7. Sounds like you are doing well and coming along. Hope the hematoma takes care of itself or that they can drain it easily. Enjoy real food!

  8. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope the fish was cooked to your standards, you forgot to mention how many stars the hospital had for food.

  9. A room with a view, good food, good TV, people giving you sponge baths........will you ever want leave?

    I hope your hematomas dissipates on its own.

    Melissa XX

  10. I am so happy another sister has come through the portal. Congratulations Lucy. I hope your life will soon get back to normality and that there are no complications to worry about. It will take time for you to get into the post-op routine but I'm sure you'll cope. Take good care of yourself, especially during the next month or so as you regain your strength. Best wishes and love

    Shirley Anne xxx


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