Wednesday, 2 March 2011

First morning - feeling great!

Just a quick first report!

I was wheeled in promptly at 8:00am yesterday. I had lovable Liz Hills with me, holding my hand, and friendly Dr Duncan MacDonald the anaesthhetist was all set, both putting me completely at ease. I went off in an instant.

I woke up late morning in Recovery, and then was wheeled back to my room. Such attention! I'd already had nurse Dawn clustering round, now Carla did, and later on, Tania and Elaine. Thanks so much, girls.

At first there was a problem with bleeding, but tightening up and packing the T bandage improved that. The only other thing was lowish blood pressure, but as the bleeding subsided it improved to around 100/65.

I had a good night. There was of course some initial discomfort - no more - from the tight T bandage, but I got used to that. No pain, apart from a very occasional minor twinge from one or other of the drainage sutures. I've hardly needed painkillers.

So this morning I'm feeling clear-headed, very upbeat, eager to devour the jelly and sorbet and black coffee I've chosen for breakfast. And - propitious sign! - it's sunny. There was even a little blue sky just now.

Once again, a thank you to everyone for the supportive comments made, and private emails. They are so much appreciated!


  1. Well done, petal..

    You are in my thoughts... :-)


  2. A new day, a new life, and sunshine as well. How truly wonderful!

    Angie xx

  3. Hi Lucy. Our mutual Facebook friend Christine Alexandra Beckett just posted a link to your blog. I'm delighted to read that things seem to be going well for you. I was in Brighton last week for a consultation with Phil Thomas.

    I check in to the Brighton Nuffield in just under 6 weeks for my own surgery so I'll be following your blog with extremely close interest!

    All good wishes,

  4. Happy birthday! I'm sure the sunshine is going to continue to shine for you.

  5. As Chrissie said, well done.

    Look after yourself!

    Best wishes,

  6. Morning has broken, like the first morning ....

    So so pleased for you Lucy


  7. Congratulations, you sound great!



  8. Hi Lucy,
    So glad to see this post.
    May the sun continue to shine.
    Best wishes lass.
    Karen x

  9. The post we'd been waiting for. All the best with your recovery.

  10. Congratulations, Lucy! Thank you for sending us news. Great to hear that all went well and that you are not even really in pain! Hope your recovery continues to go well.


  11. Congratulations, Lucy! I hope your recovery goes just as well. It sounds like you are in good hands.

    Melissa XX

  12. Hope you are up and about very soon Missy


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