Saturday, 5 March 2011

Briefly out of bed

I decided to wait until I'd had the second of my out-of-bed sitdowns before posting again.

The first, at around 10:30am, was a moment of high elation, made sweeter because I had just had a bed wash and felt fresh and clean, and also because I could give my face and neck a proper wet shave. So nice to be smooth! Although the T bandage was as uncomfortable as ever, the sun was streaming in, and it was bliss to change position.

Not so good tonight, at around 7:00pm. I'd had a nice day - visits from Debbie and two other friends - but I was now getting tired and the relief of taking a different position wasn't so extreme. I saw some blood seepage on the bed pad as I eased myself off. Old, dark blood the nurse said, but it was hard to feel reassured. I sat for only twenty minutes, then asked to get back on the bed.

The tight T bandage will come off tomorrow, when they unpack me. I so hope it will. The beginning of the end, hopefully. Despite all the wonderful care, it's feeling like an endurance test that needs to finish soon.

Tonight I am breaking the resistence of a lifetime, and accepting a sleeping pill. I simply must sleep.


  1. Sweet dreams, Lucy.

    Melissa XX

  2. It is a bit of an endurance test. That can't be helped. And it takes a huge amount of energy, so don't feel that you have to push yourself. Sleep is your friend (hope you got a good one).

  3. A week in bed always seemed more scary than the operation to me.

    Must be over the worst by now, hope you got a good nights sleep with the help.

    Caroline xxx

  4. Hope the sleeping pill did it's job.


  5. I hope that you had a restful night. You've got a lot of healing to do. Slowly but surely....


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