Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bad dream but toast tonight!

Well. I did drop off for a while, and woke when the two night nurses Tania and Susan came in a little after 6:30am. They rescued me from a bad dream. It was night. It was Madeira Drive in Brighton, which I've always considered a creepy, fearful place. I was walking towards Fiona, my sanctuary. But I was weak and couldn't walk fast or properly. A man was off to my left. He frightened me. He meant harm, I knew he did. I opened the door, sank onto the soft cream leather seat, but couldn't close the door because my catheter was tangled up with my legs and hanging out of the car. The man had reached the car door. Then I woke. It had seemed so real.

Tania and Susan have changed my bandage and so on. A bit of seepage. Blood pressure is 127/85; temperature 36.7.

I had a moment of weakness. I asked Tania to hold my hand and I had five-second cry. I needed to.

But look, the sun is out again! I think my voice is going to come back today. They are going to remove the drainage tubes, and I should get some toast tonight. Lovely.


  1. Can't hold your hand but I am sure I am one if a number thinking of you and wishing you well


  2. Scary dreams suck. Thankfully, they're only dreams. And this whole process can get overwhelming at times. There was a night at the recovery house when I needed more than my doll to hug and more than my hand held. And the nurse on duty was wonderful.

    It gets better!

  3. I am very pleased to read that all went well so far. Congratulations.
    I have not looked at the map to see which area of England you write from but humbly suggest you read the 'Essex Eating' blog and start dreaming of your next culianary(?)excursions.
    All the best to you from the other side of the pond, Canada.

  4. Could it be that your dream was related to the vulnerable state you are currently in? I don't know, but I agree with Ariel, thankfully a dream is just a dream. Its always auch a relief to wake up from a disturbing dream, and realize that's all it was........just a dream.
    I'm so glad you have nice nurses there to comfort you, when you need it.

    Good to hear you are doing so well. Enjoy your toast tonight Lucy, I'm sure you are ravenous by now!

    Melissa XX

  5. A couple of days away to collect a friend and I have missed all the fun! You sound like you are doing fine, congratulations, be back on your feet before you know it.

    Caroline xxx

  6. You are allowed to cry. I can see where your dream came from, but it's fine now. I had one similar about the mother of an ex boyfriend trying to take Christian away when he was born


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