Friday, 25 March 2011

Another outing in the sun

My friend A--- came over yesterday, and after a light lunch at home we went up to a local section of the South Downs in her car - to the Jack and Jill windmills above Clayton village. Here I am all set to depart:

These are the windmills, and a shot of myself  - on my feet! - ready for a slow but steady walk along the South Downs Way:

One mile was quite enough! Back home it was a cup of tea and a doze in the sun streaming into my lounge, on these lines (this photo was actually taken the day before):

Talk about a beached whale! But how luxurious to bask out of any breeze, with the radiator toasting one's toes!

It was really very nice up on the Downs. Hardly any breeze, quite warm even. The blackthorn blossom was out. And such a clear view! I was able to point out Blackdown to A---, and that's far to the west, near Haslemere. There were some spring lambs in one field, and in another  a tractor was doing its stuff:

How can one not feel uplifted, as spring gets under way? A fresh beginning for everything.


  1. I agree. This weather, the apparent coming of spring and fresh beginnings certainly make me feel uplifted.

  2. Yes, spring is a rather nice time to be recovering. I think you're coming along more quickly than I did! Good for you!

  3. Spring has begun rather tentatively here. First warm, then cold again, and now they're calling for snow on Sunday! Good to see you getting out and about so soon.

    Melissa XX


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