Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Slippage! Damn!

I had a meal out with friends last night at a venue that I would have avoided if it had been my personal choice, given my strict calorie-controlled diet.

I did my best with a menu that offered little in the way of low-calorie courses. But when I worked it out as well as I could afterwards at home, the meal came out  at a whopping 1,500 kcals, making my total calorie intake for the day nearly 2,700 kcals. That's a two-day ration in one go! Not what I intended at all.

This morning's weigh-in was predictably bad news. I'd slipped back, the weight now up again to 84.2 kg (185.6 pounds), when I'd hoped it would be down to 82.0 kg (180.8 pounds). Damn.

Very well; future meals out need to be approached with more care. I've got a Thai or Japanese meal with another set of friends coming up in Winchester this weekend, and a more English one on the following weekend. After that, a lunch with former colleagues in Croydon on the 23rd, and then another lunch with my cousin R--- in Canterbury on the 25th, which will almost certainly be my final pre-op outing and social occasion.

All meals out after the 15th are off if anyone attending has a cold, or anything infectious (apart from laughter) - I can't risk catching anything, and effectively I'll be in quarantine. But that will assist in any last-minute dietary efforts!

On body shape though, the news is better. My bust continues to shrink, but my waist is getting more pronounced, and my hips have hardly changed. So my resemblance to an hour-glass is getting more noticeable. People have said so, including natal women, and this shapeliness and positive commentary are massive incentives to gettting the pounds off. And a jolly good reason to wear dark, figure-hugging clothes!


  1. Don't get too paranoid about the lapse, pet...

    You can do it now and again without risking the diet.


  2. Weight loss is a long-term thing. Minor fluctuations have more to do with water than actual weight.

    Japanese and Thai should allow more virtuousness though. :)

  3. Lucy, are you getting daily exercise? An hour a day of aerobic exercise, will boost your metabolic rate for 24 hours, enabling you to consume a high calorie meal once or twice a week and still lose weight. Trying to lose or maintain weight by restricting calories alone is difficult. A daily one hour walk really helps.

    Melissa XX

  4. I have gotten into the habit of taking home half of the meal. With Thai, that's easy. Eat half of the rice and half of the curry or (whatever) and save the rest for another dinner.

    When I began dieting about 5 years ago, I made a conscience decision not to give up anything I like but to just eat less of it.

    It sounds like you are being really disciplined, Lucy. Once in a while, it's good to pig-out a bit. As Ariel says, weight loss is a long-term thing.

    Calie xxx


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