Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pit stop traps Lucy in Brighton shops

Yesterday's weigh-in made me feel good: back on track, despite meals out while away at Hindon and Winchester. I still won't be down to target by tomorrow, but a week more should do it.

And so what have I just done? A six-item cooked breakfast in Debenhams. With toast on the side. Only the coffee passed the stern calorie test. My excuse? I had to get up super-early to take Fiona into the Volvo dealership at Portslade, and after a bus ride into Brighton, and a complimentary fringe trim at Trevor Sorbie, I was in urgent need of a pit stop.

I had several hours to kill before collecting Fiona. Several hours of hard core, merciless, take-no-prisoners shopping. Maybe my last pre-op splurge. But not bulk necessities like pads and panty liners! I was going to the theatre in the evening, and wanted a long black jacket, a filmy, shimmering low-cut red top, a short black skirt with an irregular hem, patterned tights (mainly red), a long black crepe scarf, a couple of chunky black/silver necklaces, and a large black/silver hair clip. I already had shoes to match. The black Prada bag would complete this whimsical diva outfit. For absolute perfection, lustrous black hair and a facelift - but hey, let's keep things simple!

Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with Fiona. I'm responding to two recalls, one on a spurious airbag warning, one on a remote possibility of oil overfill and consequent engine run-on. She's having two software updates. Let's face it, modern cars are computers on wheels. I'm all for it. I just want to know how to activate the fold-out wings and rocket thrusters - still haven't got those working!


  1. Tut, Tut Lucy, 6 item cooked breakfast, the kilos are pliling on me just because I wrote that.

    I hope that you find everything you need to match your shoes. I think it's an excellent excuse for extra shopping. 'I've got nothing to go with my shoes!' Somehow I don't think Rob would take that one, I'll try it when he's not listening....

  2. I'm looking at your white/black outfit. I'm sure you know that we are supposed to wear vertical patterns for slimming effect but from what I see you don't need to know that. Very nice and don't worry about the breakfast splurge.

  3. As a matter of fact my shopping plan was defeated by the fact that the spring fashions were in the shops, and brown and pastel shades were in, not blacks and reds!

    So instead I bought a blue knee-length dress with diagonal ruffles up the front; a long, lightweight beige puffed-out jacket with zips and poppers, big front pockets, short sleeves and a big collar; and a huge, feather-light cream and brown silk scarf. I already had black tights of course, and I also possessed light brown heels and a blue labradorite pendant. I think the black Prada bag will do, as it has brass fittings.

    So a completely different outfit, but I'm still all set for tonight.

    Oh, and Fiona was ready on time and the only annoying thing was that the software upgrade and reset binned some of my satnav settings, including the 'saved' location of my house, which is marked on the screen map with a heart. That and the driver's seat being a huge distance away from the steering wheel. The technician must have been very tall! But that problem was quickly fixed, since I'd saved the seat position settings and a push of a button put it back as before, electric motors whirring as my bottom was raised and brought forward. That's ARSE doing its job - one of Volvo's many car control system acronyms - meaning 'Automatic Restorable Seat Elevation'. Now would I make that up?


  4. Dear Lucy,

    Glad to hear Fiona is in tip top shape. Waiting for some above freezing weather to do two oil changes on the daily drivers. Brake pads and shocks on the Toronado could also do with replacement...sigh. Getting too expensive at my regular garage, I can do the grunt work myself and save $$$.

    Monday I pick up my new car!




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