Saturday, 26 February 2011

The last two days of the old life

Saturday and Sunday. The final weekend.

I've spent some of the morning sorting out my bedroom cupboards and drawers, to create easy-access space for all the post-op stuff such as pads and baby-changing sheets. Also to sort out my medical cabinet. It had got a bit chaotic, the cosmetics tending to take over. Now it's a model of logical arrangement. And I've thrown out all the cosmetics that I have never used and never will - I've got a pretty good idea now of what suits me, and I can be completely ruthless about throwing away the rest.

Other jobs for today include:
# a last shop for tinned food, and food for freezing, including some quality ready meals and milk, enough to tide me over for a few days when back from hospital, and before the first of the home deliveries commence.
# getting in bulk supplies of kitchen rolls, disinfectant and handwash.
# visiting the Cottage to pick up any mail - I won't make it down there again for at least a month.
# clearing leaves in the back garden, and washing my windows. (Or maybe do this tomorrow!)
# fixing wardrobe doors that aren't hanging straight on their hinges.
# ironing, mostly bedding which needs to go back on my bed. All nice and fresh for my post-op beauty sleep.
# various emails and texts, giving people contact details for the hospital.

And then tomorrow:
# A comprehensive body shave.
# Packing my bag.

Quite a bit to cover. I had thought of getting away today for one really last big day out in Fiona, but actually I went over to Kent on Friday. I picked up my cousin R---, and we sped off to Canterbury to meet her friend P---, have lunch, and then mooch around the shops. It was sunny and dry and reasonably mild. Altogether a great day out, and it's made me feel that another long day away from home isn't needed. Apart from that, there are signs that fuel is about to take another massive price hike, so I've filled up and won't waste the diesel. It'll be pleasant to do some gentle post-op motoring in April at a 'cheap' February price! Perhaps a short run to some place with a sunny view. Songbirds and bluebells.

I'm still sleeping fine, and although getting more and more excited, I'm not distracted or panicking or in any way losing the plot at the last minute. Aren't I boring?

To everyone who has wished me well, or might yet do so: many many thanks - it's so well appreciated.

To those who have nothing positive to say: I hope you will eventually understand what this is really all about. It's not what you seem to think. Time will show what I mean. The test is how things actually turn out. If you can, keep in touch; or at least follow the blog, and read without prejudice. See what you think when I've recovered, re-orientated, and am living life with the operation well in the past, and much less emphasis on me, me, me.


  1. Best wishes for the big day Lucy. I hope all goes well for you. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. All the best Lucy. Wishing you a speedy recovery after the op.
    Karen x

  3. Yep, I third that....

    Will your life change? I think it already has..

    But after this some physical bits will certainly look different... ;-)

  4. It is always pleasant to hear stories of your "blossoming" Lucy. All the best in the next weeks. 'Looking forward to those future stories.


  5. The very best of wishes.

    Good luck

    Jo x

  6. All my best, Lucy! Take care.

    Melissa XX

  7. It's good that you're calm. You're ready! Well, you are anyway, even if some chores don't get done. You'll be fine.

    I hope everything goes very very well for you and that we'll hear from you again soon to tell us how your new life is going.


  8. Lucy,

    I must confess that I stopped reading your blog with this post. Nothing personal. It was more for my own sanity. I have good times and bad times and I suppose it was not that good a day when I saw this post. I tend to get very emotional when someone I know of has their surgery.

    I revisited your blog today when Jenny pointed out your excellent post, suggesting we feature it on T-Central.

    I think I'm now in a position to sit back and catch up on your posts. I hope you don't think I abandoned you. It was nothing like that.

    Calie xxx


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