Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Getting thinner but the weight loss has slowed down

I was down to 83.1 kg this morning, but that's still 3.1 kg (not quite 7 pounds) short of target. I must be getting quite close to my natural sustainable weight, and those last few pounds will be difficult. Well, leaner meals and a good deal of walking about should do the trick. I find that any main meal based around chicken is a winner for modest calories intake, and I've got enough chicken in my freezer to make me skeletal! And spring is in the air, so that a stroll in the sunshine is an attractive possibility.

The funny thing is, that although the scales tell me I'm still heavy, and I mean quite a bit heavier than many of my friends, my arms and legs are definitely getting more slender. Here's a few shots of myself being silly in last week's pre-badminton warm up:

I think you'll grant that, while not a stick insect, I'm far from obese. 

Incidentally that was a hot outfit to wear. I undid a few buttons, but still steamed. I should have worn a sleeveless top; and I'll be glad when I can put on shorts, and dispense with leggings and the necessary mini-skirt!

I'm pleased with the slimmed down look, and will try to stay with it in the months ahead. But if I plump up a bit, and that may be unavoidable during my convalescence, well, that'll be perfectly OK with me. I don't want to develop bingo wings, but I'd much rather be rounded and cuddly, than thin and scrawny. So I'm not throwing away my size 16 and 18 clothes just yet!


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  2. Congratulations Lucy, you have done well with this challenge so I guess you win the big prize!

    Caroline xxx

  3. You also have to take into consideration, what kind of bone structure, and how much muscle mass you have, since muscle weighs more than fat. I think you are doing great, Lucy! I would have to run five miles a day to get down to that weight.

    Melissa XX

  4. Looking good! Yeah, I wouldn't wear long sleeves for vigorous exercise either, unless it were outdoors in the winter.

    What Melissa says is right. In general our whole skeleton weighs more than a natal woman our size, so we have to take that into consideration when figuring out our ideal weight.

    I know you're walking and playing badminton, but it might not be raising your metabolism as much as you want. That's why they make things like cross-trainers and have spinning classes. :)


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