Monday, 28 February 2011

Come Dine With Me

Considering that I have to be on a 'low residue diet', I haven't fared too badly so far. For lunch I had a tasty omlette, nicely cooked, with a pot of tea. This evening, chosen from a menu, I've had vegetable consomme, chicken breast with rice, lemon sorbet, and a pot of black coffee. That's all perfectly OK, adequately satisfying. And in between, iced water.

But for tomorrow and the day after I will be on a 'clear fluid diet', and it won't be gin and tonic, I'm guessing. Sigh. (Phew! I've just heard it will be consomme and stuff like that. No worries then. I thought it might be a glucose drip)

Not a lot on TV tonight. I've spotted Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets on BBC2, The Beauty of Books on BBC4, and on BBC3 there's a rather dubious-looking How To Live With Women. Do I want to watch testosterone-crippled young men with egos and attitude at odds with their girlfriends? I think not. Instead I'll read a bit more of 'Pistols at Dawn: a History of Duelling', which is a fascinating examination of gentlemen behaving stupidly and sometimes badly. Actually, not unlike the BBC3 programme!

Now, m'dears, I MUST remember to say 'White Rabbits' when I do wake up tomorrow. 'Tis my long held belief that if you do say this before anything else on the FIRST DAY of the month, you'll have wondrous good luck throughout the month! You do try it and see, m'dears. 'Tis an 'andsome thing to have so much good luck for the asking!

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  1. Vegetable consommé, chicken breast, rice, lemon sorbet... Are you absolutely sure that it's the Nuffield you're booked into and not the Novotel?

    You enjoy it, my dear, and all the best for tomorrow. I'm going to keep my finger on the mouse button till midnight so that I can be the first to say (for you, of course) .... WHITE RABBITS.

    Angie xx


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