Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Weight loss

Another weigh-in before breakfast this morning. Here are the results:

Weight                            83.6 kg (184.3 pounds)
Body fat                          38.4%
Body water                     44.7%
Muscle mass                  29.9%
Body Mass Index          27.0
Basal Metabolic Rate    1508 kcal

So I'm still losing weight on my calorie-controlled diet at the rate of half a pound a day (actually 6.4 pounds in the last twelve days), my body fat is decreasing, my body water is increasing, my body muscle is increasing, and my BMI and BMR are both going down. I feel fine, and I still have the strength to lift medium-sized sheets of chipboard (just!).

And I still have some kind of figure. The vital statistics this morning were:

Bust          108 cm (42.5 inches)
Waist        88 cm (34.6 inches)
Hips          103 cm (40.6 inches)

My target pre-op weight is 80 kg (176.3 pounds). I therefore need to lose another 8.0 pounds, and at half a pound a day that's 16 days: 11 February. By then I hope that sensible eating habits will have been permanently learned, and I can maintain or even improve on my 80 kg. After all, some girls are very much less hefty than that!

The only downside to all this slimming is that I have to readjust the seat and steering wheel settings in Fiona now and then, as I change shape. Tsk!


  1. Hope your favourite clothes still fit. Well done.

    Caroline xxx

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. That's something I need to start working on too. Maybe by summer I could actually wear some of my old clothes.

  3. Why Lucy, you're positively wasting away! If you turn sideways, we might not even be able to see you! Your three olive diet sounds like a huge success.

    Congratulations, girl! Keep up the good work.

    Melissa XX

  4. Will I recognise you if I see you again? Seriously, though, you're doing brilliantly well and a great inspiration to those of us who need to follow your good example and lose weight. Warmest congratulations.

    Angie xx

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  6. You've been working hard, girl! Congratulations!

    Calie xxx


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