Monday, 3 January 2011


I finally got my Second Opinion from Dr Michael Perring! Actually it was postmarked 14 December. What with postal delays in the dire pre-Christmas weather and other things such as being away, I didn't see it until I got home.

Although I really wasn't expecting any bad surprises, there was a nervous page and a half to read until I came to the final sentence, which gave his approval for the surgery. Ah, quel relief! The main copies had already gone to Dr Richard Curtis (the prime referer) and Mr Philip Thomas (the surgeon). So now I only have to get on with the routine pre-op stuff, such as getting in adequate supplies of towels and food and making certain that all the gadgets around the house actually work - for example my bath taps are stiff, and will need to be eased. Another plumbing job for K--- next door!

The wind-burned face still looks a sight, but it's a lot better than it was a couple of days ago. At least I can sleep soundly. I'd lost a lot of sleep while away.

Is it just me or has this really been (with a few exceptions here and there) a rather humdrum Christmas and New Year, with not much to look back on? A little snow on Christmas Eve would have been nice, but nature dumped an excess on us all from the start of December, making us sick of the sight of it. And then there was the inconvenience of a four-day break without anything much open, as Christmas Day and Boxing Day both fell on a weekend. There was nothing exciting on TV either.

I personally feel like someone killing time now, waiting for the real business of the year to start.


  1. Congrats on the second referral.

    Yes, strange time of year, isn't it?

  2. Congratulations on your second referral!

    I hope you are going to have someone staying with you for at least the first week or two when you are home after surgery. You won't be able to stand for very long (or at least you're not supposed to) or go very far.

  3. The Scots have solved the post christmas lull by being extra hospitable at this time of year, our gloom sets in in about a week.

    Not long now, how time flies.

    Caroline xxx

  4. Humdrum in parts, maybe, but there certainly have been exceptions, including my first en-femme walk around Truro (a bit close to home for daytime skirmishes). It was lovely to share meals with you and our friendship seemed just to carry on from where we left it at the Norway Inn in November.

  5. Good news for you there, honey...

    So you wasted a good worry about all the ins-and-outs of trans-ness, etc...

    Have a great new year.


  6. Congratulations... Moving along smoothly now.

    Yes, Christmas was a bit like a balloon with a leak for us too.


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