Monday, 24 January 2011

So far so good: no hormone withdrawal symptoms yet

It's over a week since I put on my last hormone patch. But there are no signs of any trouble yet.

As you can imagine, I've been watchful for signs of sudden masculinisation in the pre-op period. I was expecting increased hair growth on my chest, and maybe a five o'clock shadow around my mouth by the evening. Also the disappearance of my breasts and hips, and the reappearance of arm and leg muscle. Basically the unravelling of all that the hormones have achieved so far. And I've been warned also of things like hot flushes.

But no hint of such negative effects.

However, there's still over a month to go...


  1. Lucy, think on the hot flushes as valuable experience which you can use in future conversations with other women as in "HRT is a wonder after all those hot flushes", you will never be questioned ever again!

    Caroline xxx

  2. Boy when I read of all that hormones give you (I do know about the side effects) I am still envious. I'd love real breasts, hips and less hair on my body.

    I am so pleased for Lucy. Not long now!


  3. Lucy I am grateful I made it on to your blogroll but it lists my old blog? Would you possibly mind updating it so if any of your followers wish to drop by my site they won't get the 'this blog has been deleted window'?


    Thanks sweety

  4. arrgghh!!!! typo! so sorry



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