Friday, 24 December 2010

You've got to be keen to do this!

This winter caravanning lark has good points and not-so-good points. On one hand, you get away from home, and this alone gives you a huge sense of achievement. During the daytime it's rather nice to wander about unfamiliar places, and duck into shops and cafes when the wind gets too sharp. At night it can be just as good - roaring log fires in pubs, that sort of thing. But not, I now see, over Christmas itself. Things shut down, and pubs get full of loud people intent on heavy drinking. That's how it was in Penzance late this afternoon. Oh well. I went back to the caravan, cooked a meal, and got on with my photos.

Excuse me, you might be saying, and what about the satellite TV? Well, the problem there is that it's been too damned cold outside to fiddle about with dishes and signal meters. I can see myself not bothering at all.

Keeping warm inside the caravan is almost a no-brainer. You simply put the electric heater on maximum. But you must remember to temporarily switch it off if boiling water up in the kettle, or using the hair drier. Otherwise you trip a cutout on the power supply. You soon learn not to! In very cold weather I use a portable fan heater, which directs heat at my toes first. (Caravans tend to be cool at foot level - all that ventilation - even if it's balmy at head height)

Yesterday evening Angie came over, and we let Fiona take us into Truro for a meal (as you know, the car drives itself). The snow had almost all gone, so I could wear a long dress and nice shoes without spoiling them. We had a table booked at Chantek Asian Fusion Restaurant, a pretty decent venue that I'd like to visit again. It's mainly Thai, with Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese elements also. We ordered different starters and main courses, but in fact shared everything. Delicious! Afterwards it was coffee back at the caravan.

It was lovely to see Angie again so soon. I see her again, with her friend Sarah, on the 29th. Till then I'm on my own.

Tomorrow - Christmas Day - I think I'll go to Padstow, wander around, and see what's open. Maybe Rick Stein will be recording a live Christmas Day special for TV, and seeking discerning and charismatic food lovers off the street... And maybe not! I'll take an apple for lunch, in case I'm left high and dry.


  1. Very few places here to eat out on Christmas. I hope you can find somewhere in Padstow! Merry Christmas and warm toes to you, Lucy.

  2. In that kind of restaurant I hate when people don't share since you hardly ever know what you have ordered and as many tastings as possible is the rule.

    I have had cheese on toast for christmas dinner before now, quite satisfactory though I hope you find something open.

    Happy Christmas Lucy.

    Caroline xxx

  3. I love 'caravan-ing'(we call it RV-ing for 'recreational vehicle') but in the warmer weather generally! I can imagine that poor little spinning disk in the electric meter going quite dizzy! :)

    I hope you have an 'electric blanket' for those cold nights too.

    Merry Christmas Lucy.


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