Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Wet TV dreams

I will get this working. I am determined. I have spoken.

'It' is the digital TV set I bought for the caravan, and which I intend to use in Cornwall if there is no wassailing or pagan rituals to be attended to on any of the evenings while down there.

Today I fitted all the bits together: the dish onto the tripod, which I securely pegged down onto my front lawn, near the caravan; the cable from the LNB to the signal meter; the cable from the meter to the receiver in the caravan; the SCART cable from the receiver to the TV. Then I switched it all on, and trained the dish slowly this way and that, seeking satellites. I found one, and began finer tuning, because you have to get it pretty well exact.

And then the rain came down. Oh, fiddlesticks! Foiled by a downpour! Not only did I personally get a bit wet, reception suffers in the rain so it was no good trying to do much more. In the end it got too dark to continue, and I packed the dish away in my garage and will try again either tomorrow morning or Friday. But time is running out. If I can't get this to work before I go, then I'll have to find other amusements while down in Cornwall!

My next door neighbour K--- came home as the rain and the dark was intensifying, and offered to show me what to do on Sunday. I'm not proud. I will eagerly let him do it and watch closely. I suspect there's a knack to this, and once I know what it is, it'll all be easy-peasy. (You could say the same thing about life in general, now couldn't you?)


  1. Brave new digital age!

    Caroline xxx

  2. My system has an on screen set up, where you enter your postal code, and it then gives you the compass azimuth and degree of elevation for the dish. An on screen signal meeter and a flashing LED on the dish helps in fine tuning. I hope you get yours working!

    Melissa XX

  3. Fear not! I have arranged for a throng of inebriated travelling choristers to serenade you through the wee hours of Christmas night. The choir leader will be recognisable by his red coat, white beard and rosy smile.

    Please don't forget to feed the reindeer.

    Angie xx


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