Sunday, 19 December 2010

TV Sequel

We got the satellite TV working in my caravan today! Thank you so much, K---! (That's my next door neighbour)

It took an hour, mainly because I wasn't familiar with either the Receiver controls or the TV controls, and of course it started to snow again; but that simply meant that K's wife J--- and I could have a coffee in the caravan while K--- positioned and adjusted the dish outside. Suddenly he succeeded, and there were loads of channels to see! Perfect reception, too. I was so grateful.

I shouldn't cavil, but I was disappointed that Freesat doesn't give you BBC4 nor Channel 4, both of which I watch a lot. But I do get BBC1 and BBC2, which makes it worthwhile to take the entire kit along. I wonder if the Sky box (the free, non-subscription one, that is) would have given me the extra channels I like? Oh well. None of this is a disaster. If the weather is right for photography, I'll be taking so many pictures that my evenings will be completely taken up with photo-processing. And I'm out with Angie on two of my eight nights anyway. And no doubt I'll be out on my own on one or two other nights. The TV is merely a standby for when the weather is dire and all I want to do is cook something up and stay in the warm. And even then, I'd as soon curl up with a book!

And why couldn't I get the TV to work properly a couple of days ago? I was aiming at the wrong satellite. Duh.

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  1. I thought of getting the freesat for the house but as you say BBC4 is one of the ones to watch, why would they do that?

    My little free cash can be saved for something else, thanks.

    Hope you enjoy the trip away.

    Caroline xxx


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