Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow and other things

Here's what my back garden looked like at first light this morning:

Taken through my lounge window, I need hardly say! That's a low wall in the foreground, and my washing line above it, all blobby with snow-on-ice formations. Middle distance left, the guest house for unfavoured guests (Melissa may recall some humorous comments on that a while back), and far distance right, my greenhouse from which I fetched a spade late last night. It was worth making an effort to get that!  

It's all very fairytale, of course, and I'm well placed to don my fur hat and wellies and take a walk through it all later today, not having to commute. But in a while I need to dig out Fiona and get some shopping and fresh medication. I'm not at all certain how that will go. The road outside looks pretty iffy. And just because I have a Swedish car, and permanent all-wheel drive, that doesn't mean that I can't get stuck, or that someone won't slide into me. But I'd better make my foray in daylight, because the forecast is danger this evening as the snow turns to ice.

You know, I was jolly lucky to get up to central London two days ago, see Dr Perring, meet up with my nephew, and make it back home again. That would all be impossible just now.

In the last two days I haven't been feeling too happy. I suppose it's some kind of reaction from the Dr Perring interview, or maybe from the snow keeping me at home (I'm out every day ordinarily), or downbeat thinking about the sale of the Cottage, which can't be helped by the time of year, and particularly not by these wintry conditions. I'll shake it off, but I'm definitely not in a merry mood. I'm glad I abandoned Facebook. I couldn't have borne its irritations.

Good news though, on the weight front! Yesterday's weigh-in (I do it every Wednesday morning, unless away from home) revealed that I've apparently lost almost three pounds in the past week, and am back on track. Hurrah! In fact I've dipped below 14 stone for the first time in ages. Right. A bit of shovelling snow today and a long walk through the white stuff (with the incentive of some nice pix) will burn off a few more calories!


  1. Sounds a bit stupid but I have few snow pictures from any recent decades wary of the probable damage to the camera from a fall. Naturally not having to worry about the camera I have not fallen on snow for as long as I can remember.

    Look forward to your winter wonderland pictures.

    Caroline xxx

  2. Hi Lucy
    So pleased you got your appointment with Dr Perring befre the snow arrived. I can understand you feeling slightly blue. Sometimes assesments make us look back at some things we find painful.
    I prefer to try to look forward not back. After one particular assesment a few months ago I tended to ruminate on things too much for a while. You have a warm spirit & I feel sure you will find a way to fight of the blues.
    Debbie x

  3. I'm glad that snow is way over yonder and not in my back garden. :) We might be in for more this winter, given the La Niña phenomenon, but I'm hoping not.

    I imagine there are all kinds of reasons you might be feeling blue. I bet getting out will help, especially with camera in hand. Hope you feel better!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of snow! It reminds me of what it was like here last winter. I think we are in for a little bit this weekend too, but nothing like what you have now. I can do without it. It's pretty at first, but quickly become a pain when it hinders getting around.

    Be extra careful if you go out driving in it, and look out for the maniacs. So many people don't know how to drive in snow.

    I hope your walk in the snow lift your spirits!

    Oh, and I do remember our humorous exchange about your guest house!

    Melissa xx

  5. Our snow looks like a dusting of icing sugar in comparison. Hope your trip in the car went well and that now you are snug and safe at home.

  6. Our snow looks like a dusting of icing sugar in comparison. Hope your trip in the car went well and that now you are snug and safe at home.

  7. It's wonderful to look at isn't it :)

    As for driving in it - driving a somewhat smaller AWD Volvo in the ice and snow I think you shouldn't have to worry about getting stuck (if a V50 can cope I'm sure an XC60 can). Other people are certainly something to worry about though :)


  8. Well fancy that; you and I are about the same weight (or rather, we were until you put on your 3lb spurt), though I think I'm a bit shorter than you so have more to lose. Perhaps we should have a race to 13½ stone.

    I do hope that happiness returns soon. I can see how it might be a reaction to all those things; so much achieved, yet so much still to do.

    I'm rather envious of your snow. Ours is melting fast.

    Angie xx


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