Sunday, 19 December 2010

Looking skeletal

Yesterday it snowed heavily and instead of whizzing off to Winchester for the badminton Match of the Century with friends R---, F--- and C---, it was necessary to cancel, and see how the weather went. I wasn't using the roads if they were as bad as they looked on TV. Perhaps Fiona might have coped, but then we (R--- and I, the Sussex challengers in this match) might have ended up going nowhere in a vast gridlocked traffic queue, or worse, we could have been the victims of a rear shunt as someone in a less capable car slithered into us. I didn't want to risk any kind of collision.

It remained very cold, but there was no more snow after midday. So we eventually decided to go to nearby Lewes, the olde-worlde county town of East Sussex, for a stroll around town in the snow and an evening meal.

Lewes did look very Dickensian indeed. The snow was firm (though it got slushy later) and we had a nice time looking in the many little shops, closed of course, but with brightly lit-up, Christmassy window displays. There's a series of photos on Flickr - just click on the topmost of the Flickr links to the right of this page. We started at the top of the High Street, went all the way downhill to the bridge and into Cliffe, then returned via some back streets and twittens. Then we went into Prezzo for an Italian meal.

As you can see, I simply had one or two olives:


  1. Well, meals consisting of just one or two olives, will certainly keep a girl slim! Are you now following the Anorexic Diet? Looking good Lucy!

    Melissa XX

  2. Just olives, eh? I'm guessing one of those wine glasses is yours. ;-)

  3. The snow over Christmas made travel absolute bedlam. I don't know how I made it home to see the family, but I did. Next time I'm just going to stay home.

    Lewes is a very pretty place in the snow, I love going there for a tour of the town around Christmas time.

    As much as I love Italian Cuisine, and, as such, the Prezzo chain of restaurants I have never been able to stomach olives. So I think I'll be giving the Olive diet a miss, regardless of how slim you're looking.


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