Wednesday, 22 December 2010

In Cornwall for Christmas

I made it to Cornwall today. That's about 280 miles in one drive, keeping close to the south coast from mid-Sussex to Honiton, then on to Exeter, across Devon, and through much of Cornwall, ending up at Carnon Downs, a bit south of Truro. I set off at 10:40am and arrived at 5:20pm, with two stops. I got to Carnon Downs well after sunset, which was a good thing - my clumsy attempts to back the caravan onto the pitch were embarrassing, but probably went unnoticed in the dark!

I'd travelled through a snowbound landscape. The roads I used were clear, but gave the impression that 24 hours earlier they had been under deep snow. Really I was using a lucky window of opportunity. Quite possibly more snow would maroon me in Cornwall!

Fiona pulled the caravan effortlessly, and I had such a smooth journey that I didn't feel at all tired afterwards. But it was very cold, and I didn't linger over my two breaks. A hot drink, some turkey, an apple, and into the loo. So nice to travel with one's own facilities! Then back out into the slush and the bitter wind. But Fiona soon thawed me out. She was the most comfortable place to be.

Now I'm relaxing in the caravan. The temperature refuses to go higher than 18 degrees C (68 degrees F), the cold outside must be down below freezing point. So it's necessary to wear my ankle-length fleecy dressing gown. Soft and cosy. In a while, another hot drink and then off to bed, with my winter duvet to keep me snug. And of course, the electric heating will stay on overnight!


  1. Have a good Christmas break the two of you. What have you bought Fiona for Christmas?

  2. Have a good Christmas break the two of you. What have you bought Fiona for Christmas?

  3. Never thought you would make it I have to admit. Hope you don't freeze.

    What can you get the girl who has everything which I am sure Fiona already does.

    Caroline xxx

  4. Excellent directions! I was able to follow your journey all the way to Carnon Downs Caravan Park right off the A-39! I assume that's where you are parked. Google Maps satellite view is so much fun to play with! I hope you stay warm tonight, and enjoy your trip!

    Happy Holidays!
    Melissa XX

  5. @Jess and Caroline:
    I sometimes wonder whether 'the girl who has everything' is me. Despite personal heartaches, I will admit that my transition has gone remarkably well, with nothing lacking so far, and nothing that has held up the process. And come 1 March, the biggest 'present' of all.

    After that, money for facial surgery may be a problem, at least for a year or two. So perhaps I'll join a Christmas Thrift Club and get together a few bob for a new nose.

    Yes, you've got my Cornwall destination quite right! See if you can zoom into (for instance) Penzance, St Ives and Padstow. Cornwall has a wonderful coastline, and lots of nice towns and villages in bays and coves. And plenty of warm pubs and coffee shops - thank goodness!

  6. I used to be in Falmouth around this time of the year quite often, refitting ships in the docks- one particularly cold winter I went into one of the second hand bookshops, and chatted with the shopkeeper, who was huddled under a blanket net to a gas fire. We agreed that it was cold.
    "I'm not used to it; I've only been back in the country for a few days," she said.
    "Oh, where've you been?" I asked, expecting it to be somewhere tropical.
    Have fun!

  7. I know your journey well Lucy and I am so glad you have piteched up safe and warm. Welcome to Cornwall. It is truly (in my opinion) one of the greatest, sometimes strangest, rugged and beautiful places in England.

    I hope you have alovely time with Angie. She is a dear.

    Enjoy your road trip. safe journeys and happy encounters.

    helen xx

  8. Dear Lucy
    Glad you got there safely. I hope you have a lovely Christmas & look forward to seeing you in the New year before your very special day.
    Debbie xx

  9. So glad that you have arrived safe and sound! I hope you were snug and warm for your first night. Happy Christmas to you, Lucy! Have a great stay in Cornwall!

  10. You sound snug and warm. My mother-in-law loved caravanning when it was cold.


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