Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cornwall upgrade

I was starting to feel despondent again: despite three recent viewings on the Cottage, there was still no sign of any serious interest. Would I never sell it?  Would I be forced to let it, to avoid my capital getting dangerously low? Should I be cutting back on all non-essential spending now? Yes, I thought, you must stop at once. That meant no trip to Cornwall over Christmas: the previous outing to the West Country had cost me nearly £500. I really ought not to be spending that kind of money.

And yet...

This would be the last holiday before my operation on 1 March.

It would be the last holiday before I was fully recovered from the operation in late summer 2011.

If I didn't go, I wouldn't see Angie again for ages.

And although I might spend £500, the extra cost was just the diesel to get to Cornwall and back (about £100) and the balance payable to the Carnon Downs Camping & Caravan Park (£100). The rest I'd spend anyway if I stayed at home, on food, light and heating, local outings, and Christmas festivities. So the true cost of this break was only £200, for eight nights away. Well, really, £25 per night for accommodation (with travel included) wasn't extravagant.

The clincher came today. The lady on reception at Carnon Downs, Melanie, phoned me to say that a better pitch, a 'fully serviced' one, had become available. A clear upgrade so far as I was concerned. Would I like to have this pitch? A glance at the site map confirmed that it would indeed be nicer. Yes, please!

So I'm going, and no more doubts.


  1. Have a great vacation Lucy!



  2. Dear Lucy, I'm so glad that you didn't have second thoughts and that we will see each other soon. I wonder how many cups of coffe we'll get through this time?


  3. I hope your holidays in Cornwall will be really lovely.

    Its cold cold cold at the moment though so come prepared!

    helen x


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