Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Weight loss problems!

Oh dear, after a good start my weight loss programme (for the surgery on 1 March) has ground to a halt. This morning's weigh-in showed that I had suddenly slipped back to where I was three weeks ago.

I'm not sure how this could have happened. I've been taking a little more exercise. My fish intake is up. I've conscientiously cut down on fatty foods, eliminating cheese for instance, and I've also restricted the carbohydrates, eating less in the way of potatoes and almost no bread. Sweets are completely out. Ryvita crackers have been my standby, if I really must have something in between meals. I suppose I could have buttered them more lightly. I think the problem is my main meal of the day, which tends to be quite hearty even now. I'll just have to cut the portions down. And be more careful when eating out.

And of course burn off more calories! There's plenty of opportunities really. At this very moment, the last of the leaves on the trees at the bottom of my garden are falling and there's an awful lot of them to clear off the back lawn. Easily a morning's work. That'll be one of the jobs I can tackle that will use up a bit of excess fat and tone up my muscles a bit!

And then there's a lot of pruning and branch-trimming and so on to see to.

I must turn away all offers of assistance. The more I do myself, the sooner I will bring my weight down!


  1. Lucy,at the beginning your weight loss seems to come off quickly because it is fluid retention this normal to loss 3-4bls within a short space of time,but burning fat is much slower and takes longer to achieve,factors such as age and metabolism come into play when loosing weight,so cutting down to smaller portions and more exercise with determination is the key to success in losing weight!don't give up lucy Im sure you will achieve the necessary weight loss for GRS In March i wish good luck love lindaxxx

  2. So many little mistakes can sabotage a weight loss regimin. When I needed to lose a serious amount of weight about six years ago, I embarked on a plan of brisk walking, for an hour to an hour and half every morning, at least five days a week. I also kept my carbohydrate intake under 200 grams a day and my caloric intake at about 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day (portion control). I restricted my carbohydrate intake to complex carbs only. I cut out all sugar, substituting it with the artificial sweetener, Splenda (sucrulose). No cookies (biscuits), no cakes, no pies, no candy, except for rare occasions. Breakfast consisted of a cup of oatmeal with cinnamon, and sweetened with Splenda, one egg cooked in the microwave with a slice of low fat cheese, and half a banana. The other banana half would be consumed a few hours later, with a cup of coffee. For lunch I would have a piece of fish, or a piece of skinless chicken, two servings of vegetables, and two pieces of low calorie, low carb, whole grain bread (50 calories & 11 grams of carb per slice). In the afternoon, I had another cup of coffee and an apple. Supper would be similar to what I had for lunch. About an hour or two before bed, I would have two more slices of the low cal bread, with sugar free jam, and a slice of low fat cheese (60-70 calories).

    I lost an average of 2-3lbs. a week and never felt deprived. I woud feel hungry by the next mealtime, but that's good, because it meant I was expending the calories I was taking in. Aerobic exercise is very important. The hour to hour and half of walking was the key to keeping my metabolism up, so that I burned calories at an increased rate for 24 hours. Also, it's extremeIy important to keep the carbs below 200 grams a day, and eat absolutely as few simple carbs as possible. All sugary treats, white potatoes, white bread, white rice, should be off the menue, except for rare occasions, because they spike blood sugar, and increase triglycerides. Sweet potatoes, beans, fresh fruits and fresh veggies, brown rice and other whole grains are fine. Restricting carbs, and especially simple carbs is much more important than restricting fat, as long as fat intake is within reason. I lost a total of 80 lbs. in less than a year and felt great.

    Best of luck in getting back on track!

    Melissa XX

  3. Don't give up Lucy, no "hearty" meals!

    Get rid of all temptation, There are no bananas in this house because I think a bunch is a small portion, half a banana does not seem possible.

    You must know your own weaknesses, avoid them at all cost.

    Caroline xxx

  4. O dear, perhaps that sweet we shared at the Norway Inn wasn't such a great idea! Though actually my weight went down that week.

    Please don't get discouraged. Losing weight is not straightforward and when you reduce you food intake markedly your body can sometimes react by storing fat, but in the end it will all come right.

    Sometimes, despite my best efforts, my weight stays constant for a few weeks, then woosh...! away it comes. Just keep your eyes trained on your target, but don't be afraid to enjoy the occasional treat on the way.



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