Sunday, 7 November 2010

New front runner from the Melford Stable

No doubt about it. After a hesitant start, the right boob has come from nowhere to take the lead in the 2:45 today at Salisbury, passing the left in heavy going just before the start of the home stretch and bouncing ahead to wild cheers from the ecstatic crowd. Bad for the bookies, as quite a few racegoers will have made a killing on this fourteen-to-one outsider. What an upset! Owned by Lucy Melford and trained by Esther Diol, this feisty but temperamental and inconsistent two year old now seems to have found sparkling new form and may even be up for the A Cup by the end of the season.

BBC interviewer: Lucy, you must be very pleased with both these two year olds from your successful stable!
Lucy: Actually, yes! For a long time it looked as if the left boob was going to be the faster runner, and as recently as last June she was always the 2 to 1 favourite, but now, after a change in diet I'd put my money on the right boob for at least the rest of the year.
BBC interviewer: And which for the A Cup?
Lucy: Ah, you can never tell. I wouldn't dismiss the left yet!


  1. I promise to keep abreast of this fascinating story. Most uplifting!


  2. I love the way you put it.

    "and bouncing ahead " excellent post - and congratulations!


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