Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Winter boots

Here's my winter line-up for this year, all of them black boots. I haven't got any brown boots, and I'm not sure it would really be worth my buying any. The three black boots are not all new. The pair on the right were bought nearly two years ago and have been reheeled twice. Those in the centre were bought one year ago. And those on the left just the other day.

I really don't know which I like best. The centre boots have the highest heel, and look the most elegant, or at least the most piratical. The righthand ones have a medium heel, and you could certainly walk in them around a big place such as London, as indeed I have. The zip-up pair on the left have a flat heel but are the most go-anywhere and casual of the three. All have soft leather uppers and all fit well. If I had to choose boots that I could wear comfortably all day long, I think it would have to be the lefthand ones, but then it would also depend on the clothes worn. Tights and leggings and long skirts suit left and centre best; the righthand boots look best with jeans, especially if tucked in. All of them can look fabulous with a miniskirt.

Right, that's boots sorted. What about hats and scarves and gloves?


  1. I bought an awesome pair of italian equestrian style black leather boots with almost no heel; can't wait to wear with skinny jeans or a skirt! Enjoy yours!


  2. I love boots, when I was footloose (!) and fancy free I had lots. Sunday mornings were for boot polishing.

  3. Its all go being a fashion Diva isn't it :)

    I like boot season.

  4. I would like boots too if it was possible to get a pair which were elegant and came in huge for ladies! How many others were partially held back by the simple impossibility of finding ANY footwear to fit.

    Lucky I wear sandals summer and winter.

    Caroline xxx


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