Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I can't wait to use it

I refer to my new washing machine. The old one, inherited from Mum and Dad, packed in some months ago, but I was able to use the machine at my old house half an hour away. It meant a weekly round trip, but then I had to look in every seven days anyway to comply with the insurance, make sure things were OK, clear any fallen apples from the drive (the house remains up for sale), and snip at the odd bush. But now that the garden has stopped growing for the year, and the days are getting colder and wetter, I didn't fancy a prolonged visit to my old home just to do a couple of washes, especially as I'd have to turn the central heating up to a comfortable level while waiting and use up some expensive oil.

Besides, a new working machine was going to be essential for the post-op period - lots of towels and bedding and so on to keep clean!

So I got on with it, ordered a large-capacity, cool-washing, fast-spin Hotpoint from a local shop, and it arrived just an hour ago. My next door neighbour K---, who is a plumber, and has the same machine, is going to connect it for me and push it into position. I'll be doing my first load today, and that'll give me enough time to wash and iron a few items I want to take down to Cornwall with me. Yes, I'm off again shortly!

The delivery men were very nice. They carried it in very carefully - having already taken away the old machine - and no damage was done to walls or floors. They called me madam and treated me like a woman who sensibly leaves things like this to the men. There was no condescension in this, just pleasant respect. I felt great. I wasn't dressed up - just a dark top and skinny jeans. The tummy was a little prominent, but the outfit tended to make me look a bit willowy for once. I gushed in my usual manner, even saying at one point, 'I can't wait to use it!' Miss Domestic.

Oh, the first wieghing under my pre-op Weight Loss Regime was a disappointment. My weight was fractionally down, I suppose, but after a light breakfast it would have been just the same as last week. Maybe I'll see some better results by next week. Meanwhile foxes gnaw at my vitals all the time. However, I feel virtuous, because last night when in a Brighton pub with friends, I resisted the temptation to have a yummy Chinese meal, even though the trans guy sitting next to me had the full works.

Only an hour to go to my two midday crackers, four green olives, and an apple.


  1. LOL - I felt just the same when our new dishy arrived, very protective of it I was. Stepford Wives R us :)

    Have a good trip away.

    A little bit of what you fancy does no harm, sensible adjustments will help your weight :)

  2. For someone who enjoys a good meal, it's sort of sad to realize how little food is needed to maintain current weight. If you are up to it, exercising like a woman possessed, will allow for an increased intake of calories. I miss the time when I used to run six miles a day. I could eat anything, and not gain weight. But that was very long ago. It seems that ever since, I've been fighting the battle of the bulge.

    Melissa XX

  3. Is the washer a front loader? We love ours. Very low water usage, and less detergent.

    Your diet is your business, but drastic calorie reduction generally just puts the body in starvation mode. Metabolism drops, because it's trying to keep you going through a famine. And you should always make sure to keep up nutrition as well.

    Portion control + exercise (or at least activity). Only way to fool the body into keeping up metabolism while not feeding it enough.

  4. @Melissa:
    I don't do running, never have. It'll have to be a bit more walking and a bit less food.

    Although I have a slender breakfast and lunch, I do have a proper hot meal in the evening with meat or fish and lots of vegetables, plus an apple. Also lots to drink all day long, such as tea, coffee and water. I normally drink (meaning wine) only when out with friends, and that might be just once or twice a week. I do of course have a drink with any meal out, even on my own (generally when away on holiday).

    I don't think I'm drastically cutting my calorie intake, just trimming it. Just over a pound per week will do the trick. I actually like my curves and will be sad if 10kg lost means the big hips have disappeared!


  5. @Veronica:
    Yes, it's a front loader with a wide opening, very easy to get things in and out.


  6. I always have to look round for lots of things to wash when I have a newwashing machine to try out all of the new programs.

    Keep up the good work. You'll be rewarded on your next weight in.

    May I suggest keeping something that is a bit tight to one side and trying it on every couple of weeks or so. The feeling as it fits better and then gets too big beats the scales any day


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