Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hormone tap now turned full on

I replace ny existing 100mcg Oestradiol patch every Saturday and Tuesday. Yesterday I began to stick on a second patch, giving me an extra 50mcg each time - a 50% increase in hormones. Assuming I have no adverse side-effects, this new regime will continue week by week until Saturday 15 January, in thirteen weeks time, when all hormone treatment must cease until after the op.

I'm hoping for accelerated feminisation in that thirteen weeks, although realistically I probably won't notice any changes in such a short period. No size DD boobs, no babies, then. At least the effects of the Oestradiol may take longer to fade once I stop.

I noticed that the 50mcg patch was about half the size of the 100mcg patch - rather a cute little thing - which made me wonder whether the anount of the hormone transfered from patch to skin is constant, and larger doses require a larger surface area. Rather like a heavy-duty car or leisure battery is always bigger than the standard thing (more lead plates within). Does anyone use a single 150mcg patch, and is it huge?


  1. Lucy,the Estradot 100 Mcg patches only deliver 1.56mg of Estradiol per patch I don't think this is very efficient in feminising Hormone regime! Estraderm TTS 100 Mcg Patches contain 8mg of Estradiol which is nearly 7 times Greater in Quantity!both patches are manufactured by the same company Novatis. love lindaxxx

  2. Lucy, have you had your hormone levels checked? It is not really the dose you're taking that matters, it's where your estrogen and testosterone levels end up. I am not sure of the conversion between doses transdermally and orally, but from what I recall you are taking less than the equivalent of 2 mg estradiol in a daily, oral dose.

    My E level got to 10 times the normal level for a pre-menopausal female, no DD's here either. Your body only has so many estrogen receptor cells, higher doses or blood levels won't do much past a certain point.

  3. Well, all along I've been in Dr Richard Curtis's hands as regards dosage and method. He has invariably asked for oestagen, testosterone and prolactin tests before each consultation, and in the last such my oestragen level was 176 (slowly decreasing), and my testosterone was 2.4 (slowly increasing). He has always borne my age in mind, and has been anxious not to create conflicts with my non-trans medication, nor to risk liver damage, and so a modest 100mcg patch twice a week has been the rule. And no anti-androgen drugs at all.

    Everything has been achieved with this low-key regime. So changes, though real, have been slow and unspectacular. In fact I believe that hair removal, voice training and subtle makeup have contributed more to successful passing! However, I am fairly satisfied with the fat redistribition, and, thank goodness, I have so far escaped emotional problems. It'll be interesting to see whether upping the dose by 50% has any effect in that area.

    But some progress in the boob department would be welcome!



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